On Campus

13th April 2022

Winning Women: Your New Student Officers

After a long campaign and the opportunity for us to get to know them better, we voted for next year’s Student Officers. 18% of students used their opportunity for democracy, with 5244 votes cast. As Female Power Friday called for, on Friday March 25th, we welcomed an all female cast for 2022-2023’s Student Officer rodeo! Let’s relive the moment that Bertie announced the winners:

Video provided by Liverpool Guild of Students

Their Reactions

Vasiliki becomes our new Guild President and was astonished at the result. The four winners are now eagerly awaiting the next academic year; so they can put into practice all that they promised to fight for in their campaigns!

It’s still sinking in but I’m honestly so happy. As the first female president in 10 years and the first black woman. I’m just really excited to make a positive impact on students’ university experience.

Vasiliki Samuels

Honestly, it was a gutting experience losing President. However, with time I was able to see how amazing it is for two powerful women of colour to take the lead – something that has never occurred at the Guild before! It’s good to know that I am still able to make history, even if it wasn’t the way I originally envisioned. I am so excited to continue my equality work and make sure that work remains sustainable at the Guild. I am so excited to continue this experience and share it with my best friend.

Jamilia Kwajah-Ellimah

I am so grateful for everyone who campaigned and voted for me. It was a long and tough week but worth it all at the end. I am also very excited to work with Vas, Jamilia and Ella who are all fantastic women. I can’t wait for the next year.

Kathryn Manley

I would say I’m just so gassed to be in! I’m so glad the work I put in this week has paid off and I’m so excited to be working alongside these gals. I think together we’ll be able to make some great changes to this uni!

Ella Hatch

Ding, Ding: Bonus Round

It’s not just our new Student Officers that are out there slaying! Current Student Officer, Chloe Field, will be taking on the role of Vice President (Higher Education) for the National Union of Students (NUS).

She was successfully voted in by delegates at the NUS Conference. Chloe’s campaign hinged on a free, accessible & lifelong education for all. The role will entail fighting for the rights of students in the Higher Education sector across the country.

I am so happy to be elected as the Vice President of Higher Education for the NUS! I’ve loved all the work that I’ve been doing at the Guild (such as reforming the sexual misconduct disciplinary processes and getting cheaper rent for students) and really look forward to continuing that work nationally. I am very passionate about ensuring that education is free for all at the point of access and making it accessible for everyone, without paywalls or colonial structures.

I owe a massive amount of gratitude to the students of the University of Liverpool, and the Guild, for helping me push my passions and believe in the power of the student movement.

Chloe Field