Liverpool Guild Student Media’s TV branch is an exciting opportunity for students to express their creative flair while also providing an informative visual platform for students.

As we know, social distancing guidelines are stifling our learning capabilities, but we should underestimate the opportunities presented either. LGSM has a key role to play in keeping the student body abreast of what’s going on, and laying the groundwork for what will hopefully be an exciting revival in the new year.

We aim to produce well-crafted, informative entertaining video content. Being part of our TV stream will be a fantastic opportunity for students to gain transferable skills. All of this is student-run and produced for, and by, students.

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STV Voting Explained

Guild Officer Election Interviews

How Green is the Guild?

LGSM Roundup 2019

Brooke Bentham Interview

General Election 2019 Voting Guide

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