Privacy Policy

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small files that websites send to your computer when you visit. They enable a website to remember who you are. These cookies store and sometimes track information about your website usage.
Information from cookies may include information relating to your use of our websites; which pages you visited, information about your computer, such as your internet (IP) address; browser type (such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Firefox) and geographic data.

Third Party Cookies

Cookies which are used by others are called “Third Party cookies”. Third Party Cookies enable third party features or functionality to be provided on or through the website (e.g. like advertising, interactive content and analytics). The parties that set these third-party cookies can then identify your computer both when you visit our website and also when you visit other websites that use the same third-party cookies.

Type of Cookies on This Website:

Essential cookies: We use these cookies to remember what is in your shipping basket, where you are in the order process and to remember that you are logged in and your session is secure.

Advertising and sharing cookies: We use these cookies to make advertising messages more relevant to you. These cookies perform functions such as ensuring that the same advertisement does not continuously appearing. They ensure that advertisements are properly displayed, and in some cases select advertisements that are based on your interests.

What Cookies do we use?

Facebook – Facebook Custom Audiences
Google – Google Analytics

Ways in which you can Refuse or Control Cookies

You cannot refuse cookies that are strictly necessary to deliver the website to you. However, you can block or delete strictly necessary cookies and all other cookies by changing your browser settings, as described below. Performing this action may result in some or all features of the website not working as intended.

The “Help” section on the menu bar of most internet browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie and how to disable cookies altogether. 
To find out more about cookies and about using your browser settings to control cookies please visit: [](