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11th March 2020

The Sphinx Election Week Burger Special!

Students’ favourite eatery on campus, The Sphinx, are celebrating Election week in the best possible way; with election inspired named burgers!

The Sphinx, The Guild and student officers have implemented a collaborative way for students to get involved in election week whilst celebrating the important changes student officers have made and continue to do so on campus.

Student who are unsure of who to vote for can enjoy a bite to eat or drinks at the Sphinx whilst reading candidate manifestos and those who have voted can enjoy a rewarding meal.

The burger special is available until Friday 13th March (this is also when the voting for Student Officer ends!).

The specials include a meat and vegetarian/ vegan option.

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Meat Option: Cut the Rent (£9.50)

“A meaty campaign with a rent cut higher than this triple stacked burger.”

The cut the rent scheme was implemented this year and has meant the University can offer students an accommodation discount worth £800 if eligible for certain bursaries. Read more here.

This burger combo includes a double beef burger AND a spicy chicken burger along with a hash brown, onion rings, lettuce and salsa all packed in a brioche bun.

Vegetarian/ Vegan Option: Fossil Free (£8.50)

“Sustainable, planet conscious and powered by avocado. Our election week special is no fossil fool, now the university has gone fossil free.”

This burger is named after the University “committing to sell its remaining £2.8m holdings in fossil fuel companies by July 2022, which represents 1.2% of the University’s investment portfolio.” Read more here.

The Fossil free burger includes a bean burger patty, vegan cheese, avocado, onion rings, lettuce and salsa, along with Quorn nuggets on a sourdough bun.

Extra Information

Unsure of how to vote in the upcoming election? Read our guide here.

For more information on the Student Officer Election Candidates read our candidate interviews here.

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