25th November 2019

FEET @ Sound | Gig Review

FEET are the Coventry born 5-piece band that seem to be on everyone’s minds. They are currently touring off the back of their recently released debut album ‘What’s Inside is More Than Just Ham’, a trippy indie infused britpop album, that’s received much acclaim. I saw their performance at ‘Sound’ Liverpool in October, a brilliantly intimate basement venue that served the bands sound greatly.

What Feet can undoubtedly be initially complimented for, is their excellent choice in an opening act. ‘Courting’ hit the stage with complete energetic confidence. Loud and crowd pleasing, this band set a brilliant tone for the event.

But for the main event, I can say, with complete confidence, if you haven’t heard Feet live, you haven’t heard Feet. The band wondered on to stage, almost hyper-casual, and wasted no time before getting into their first song of the night ‘English Weather’. An easy listen off their debut album, a love of performing radiates off these guys, their playing heavy and controlled, while seeming remarkably at ease. Almost immediately, their choice of supporting act served to their benefit yet again as two of the members made for an incredibly enthusiastic audience; not that the rest of the audience were not easily encouraged.

Feeding off the excitable crowd, Feet maintained interest and energy throughout. Highlights include the obvious fan favourite ‘Dog Walking’, and the chilled out ‘Wiggy Pop’. However, by about mid-way, the crowd did slightly dwindle, but this seemed to not discourage the members, perhaps peaking performance wise with ‘Good Richard’s Crash Landing’. The night finished with ‘Petty Thieving’ and ‘Outer Rim’, before the group headed directly into the audience to discuss the music they had just played.

FEET made an impressive performance. Musically focused, reinforced with Britpop energy, they seemed incredibly comfortable on stage. However, the nostalgic sound they produce still doesn’t seem to compare with the original players (blur, the Verve, etc.), begging the question, why FEET? In an age where music is more accessible than ever, FEET lack a certain uniqueness, impeding them from going from good to great. The gig was enjoyable nonetheless, but perhaps through the groups sheer stage presence rather than any musical brilliance.

You can check out FEET’s debut album here.