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15th November 2023

Revision Spots: Places in Liverpool to Snap You Out of that Winter Revision Slump

With winter looming over us, and January exams approaching, revising can begin to seem daunting. Especially if you’re stuck in your bedroom and can’t stop staring at a wall or your phone. These are some of my favourite revision spots around Liverpool, (in no particular order!). Explore these spots for a focus boost or discover your new favourite study spot with a change of scenery.

Image Credit: Photo by Timothy Barlin on Unsplash

Cafe Lucaya: A Refreshing Study Oasis

Firstly, Cafe Lucaya is a great study spot location if you’re looking to get some steps in. Situated on Water Street, this cafe is just by the docks so it is a lovely stroll away from campus. Tall leafy plants and big open windows adorn the interior. This bright, green space keeps you concentrated and changes the environment you’re studying in. They have a great choice of food if you’re looking for something to eat whilst you work. Their menu offers build-your-own breakfast sandwiches or a variety of jacket potato fillings, perfect for a long afternoon.

Central Library: A Free Haven for Studious Minds

Central Library is a free option which is perfect if you’re looking to save a little bit of money but still want to get out of the house. The library is great for studying with free access to wifi and a computer. Inside is The Picton Room which is a stunning location for a study session. It’s ideal if you prefer silent study, with several tables with charging ports which is great for long study days! With a large sky window, you don’t need to worry about being locked away in a room for the whole day. 

Image Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Cafe Oro: A Cosy Corner for Smithdown Residents

Perhaps more convenient to students living in Smithdown is Cafe Oro. While Smithdown does have many very cute coffee shops, this is one of my favourites! The cafe is cosy and perfect for a wintery study day when it’s just too wet to walk to the university libraries. Opening at 9:30 am, Cafe Oro is ideal for some early studying with a cup of coffee this is a great choice. They also offer an all-day breakfast which will keep you fuelled for whatever hard work ensues!

Papillon: A Tranquil Retreat in the Georgian Quarter

Papillon, on Hope Street, is a great study spot for students on Campus or living around the Georgian Quarter. This has a lovely interior with lots of leafy plants for a great change of scenery. This cafe offers a variety of different hot drinks and is a lovely option if you’re not quite ready to go home but can’t stare at a plain wall any longer!

Milo Lounge: A Vibrant Study Destination on Lark Lane

My last study recommendation is Milo Lounge. Nestled at the start of Lark Lane, this is a slightly nearer option for Greenbank or Smithdown Students, but a lovely option if you’re not nearby and looking to explore a different part of Liverpool. This is certainly one of the busier spots, so if you’re looking for somewhere with a bit of noise and atmosphere, Milo Lounge is right for that. You can also treat yourself to a stroll around Lark Lane once you’ve finished studying or stretch your legs around Sefton Park if you need a little study break.

Change of Scenery!

These highlighted revision spots offer a refreshing change of scenery and focus boost. Each of these study spots provides a unique environment for productive study sessions. So, as you prepare for exams, consider venturing beyond your usual revision spots to discover the perfect setting that aligns with your revision needs. Happy studying!

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Featured Image Credit: Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash