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6th November 2023

Top Ten Study Spots On and Off-Campus

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With exam season fast approaching, I’m ranking my top ten best study spots for writing essays, group assignments and critical reading.

10. Your University Bedroom

Despite popular belief, if you can maintain the motivation not to climb into bed, then studying in your room could be perfect! With the right setting, you may actually find yourself being more productive in your home away from home. Alternatives can include working in your flat or house kitchen but this isn’t the easiest with messy flatmates (in my experience).

9. Liverpool Central Library

Situated just around the corner from Liverpool Lime Street, this library is perfect if you’re looking for somewhere less busy. Ideal for assignments and reading. This library, while not specific to the university, still has a vast variety of helpful resource books. The mood inside is nice and quiet, very relaxed.

8. Abercomby Square (in warmer weather)

The Square, when it’s nice outside, is a beautiful place to work. Situated right outside the Sydney Jones Library, access to resources (and Eurodam wifi) is perfectly simple. Filled with students working and reading in the warmer months, the calm summer atmosphere is the ideal motivational tool for your degree!

Image Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

7. Harold Cohen Library

The HC library is another foundational part of our campus. However, if I’m being completely honest, I still haven’t found where the books are yet. With very organised areas of study – from quiet to silent – and bookable study spaces for 1-5 people. I can’t say this is my favourite campus library, I find it quite difficult to find my bearings. However, it is a very good place to write essays and complete projects.

6. Common Room (or Study Room) of Your Accommodation

Many of the University-owned student accommodations have study rooms situated on the ground floors, such as the Philharmonic and Greenbank. Privately owned student accommodations (like Student Roost, where I live) have common room areas. Usually quiet during the day, I have written many essays on the comfortable couches below my flat.

5. The Font Bar

The Font, situated on Mount Pleasant, is the perfect chilled-out spot for essay writing. Open from 11 am – 11 pm. With student prices on all-day breakfasts, lunch and dinner meals, this is a fantastic place to study. The relaxing booths and quietness during the day make this ideal for plugging in your headphones and completing that assignment.

4. The Guild

The student union is at the height of the social action at the university. Lively and loud, this is perfect for group study and working on assignments together! This atmosphere is ideal for planning, drafts, editing and discussing group projects. The stressless mood creates the perfect setting for study.

3. Starbucks Myrtle Street

Looking for somewhere informal, serving the best black iced tea in the UK? Whatever your choice of drink, Starbucks has a much calmer mood – perfect for a more relaxed study. I have completed many essays in Starbucks, even a few take-home exams. Ideal for plugging in your headphones and smashing that first draft, Starbucks is open until 7 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

2. 92˚ Myrtle Street

When the library feels a little too formal, try 92˚! Open from 8:45-17:00 from Monday to Friday and 10:00-17:00 on Saturday and Sunday. This cute little cafe is the perfect place to write an essay, hold a group project meeting, or get that critical reading done. In fact, I’ve done all those things here. Typically a student-dominated area, with student-friendly prices, this coffee shop has a very encouraging mood. However, it can get a little busy during the submission period afternoons, so try planning around the busier times.

Image Credit: Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

1. Sydney Jones Library

The SJ is a foundational part of our University campus! With the basement and ground floor social study areas, first-floor quiet study spaces and second-floor silent study areas, SJL can accommodate any study. The option to book private study rooms for 1-5 people and how easy it is to find resources make the SJ my favourite! The variety of options from social tables to private booths makes group or single study easy. The number of students working in the SJ set the motivational atmosphere. Additionally, the 24/7 opening times mean that, whether you work best day or night, there is always somewhere you can study.

These are my top ten study spots on and off campus! I highly recommend giving them a try!

Featured Image Credit: Windows on Unsplash