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18th January 2022

What’s New at Sport Liverpool – A Guide for Refreshers

With exam season coming to a halt, it is important that we give our minds a break to focus on our bodies. Semester 2 is right around the corner, which means Sport Liverpool is back! Want to play on the famous Wyncote grounds or weight train in the state-of-the-art fitness suite? Head to our stall at the refreshers fair, in case you missed it the first time. The refreshers fair will be held in February, at the Liverpool Guild of Students. For updates closer to the time, please follow the guild on Instagram.

What if I’m not sporty?

Sport England describes how being physically active can alleviate symptoms of depression. These include a ‘continuous low mood or sadness’ and ‘having no motivation or interest in things,’ amongst multiple others, according to NHS England. Manchester-based broadsheet The Guardian even claims that ‘one in five UK adults have had depressive symptoms during the pandemic’. How can we resolve this mental health crisis? One way to start is to engage with the extracurricular aspects of university life. University is not cheap, it is an investment. So why not make the most of your experience by indulging in some physical exercise whilst making friends at the same time?

With countless societies on offer, you are spoiled for choice at Sport Liverpool. Whether you’re a fencing fanatic or more athletically inclined, you are bound to find the perfect sport for you.

Sport Liverpool

Sport Liverpool offers not only the city’s much-loved game of football in various forms (men’s, women’s, and campus) but a plethora of less common sports like cheerleading and American football. No qualms if you are a newbie – you don’t have to be an Olympic gold medallist to enter. Feel free to try your hand at casual swimming – just £3 a go at the Sports and Fitness Centre opposite the famous Victoria Building and adjacent to the Liverpool Guild of Students. In fact, you can easily pop into the leisure centre between lectures or stints at the SJ if you’re feeling studious. Note: you will have chlorinated tresses stinking up the 699.

Don’t forget, gym classes and even personal trainers are available if you’re naturally unsporty like me.

Men’s Football

LGSM reached out to a couple of our most popular sports teams. Here’s what Men’s Football President Dan Lewis added:

Our society is one of the most popular, with over 600 people who have signed up to trials this year to represent our university in the best sport in the world. We have 5 teams, 4 competing in BUCS, and 1 competing in division 1 of our campus league.

Dan Lewis, Men’s Football President

For context, BUCS refers to the British Universities and Colleges Sport leagues which operate nationwide. Despite this accreditation, beginners are also more than welcome – we all have to start from somewhere.

Regarding cost, there are multiple options which are explained here. The university aims to be an inclusive environment, welcoming direct debit payments to those who are more comfortable splitting payments.


Charlotte from Polo also spoke to LGSM:

The polo club is a friendly, low-commitment club which offers the most affordable and accessible way into the sport. We appreciate that it isn’t the cheapest of sports so there is no pressure to come to train every week and come to competitions, many of our members only do a couple of lessons per semester. For anyone who doesn’t know about the sport, it is a full-contact, fast-paced ball game on horseback with the aim of scoring as many goals as possible. We think polo is the perfect break from the city for anyone horsey who wants to try something new. No polo experience is needed (most of our members hadn’t played before coming to uni). Therefore all we ask is that new members feel comfortable on a horse.

Charlotte Rathbone, Polo Social and Welfare Secretary

Take a look at men’s football and polo here, and feel free to contact the teams yourselves if you have any questions.

Above are just a few examples of the amazing sports that the University of Liverpool has to offer. To view the list of the 50 sports that are available, take a look here, and don’t be afraid to sign up for something new.

Lastly, good luck with your re-freshers experience. Trust me, it’ll fly by!

If you’d like to get involved with writing for LGSM’s Sport section, please reach out via our Instagram.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels