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16th March 2021

Baltic Boxing; A platform for change

Female-owned Baltic Boxing is an inclusive community hub for survivors of sexual violence and under-represented genders and sexualities, to learn boxing in a safe and empowering space.

The UN Women’s Survey recently revealed that 97% of women aged 18-24 experienced sexual harassment in a public space. Often under-represented groups may not feel safe or welcome in a public space, such as a gym environment. Located at 24 Kitchen Street, Baltic Boxing provides the perfect space to learn or hone your boxing skills.

How did Baltic Boxing start?

Baltic Boxing founder, Lorna Dougherty, has boxed for over ten years, both professionally and leisurely. She also has a strong passion for coaching. Following her own experience of sexual violence, she lost confidence in herself, however boxing enabled her to regain her strength both mentally and physically. She started to explore the idea of creating a safe and welcoming space where marginalised people could come together without fear of judgement. Shortly after this idea, Baltic Boxing was born. Lorna hopes to share her impressive boxing talent and remarkable coaching skills, all whilst tackling outdated gender norms. Her empathetic and understanding approach will put you at ease but it also makes her the dream coach!

Why you should take up boxing 

Boxing is not only a great way to get fit but it’s also a form of therapy too. It can be a way to purge negative emotions and teach discipline, which is incredibly useful in all aspects of life. Lorna’s ethos is not to incite nor promote violence, but rather to provide a platform to inspire and empower marginalised people. No experience or equipment is necessary; however the classes will cost a small fee of £5 for under-represented groups.

Baltic Boxing is due to open with the easing of lockdown restrictions. Take a trip down to 24 Kitchen Street and be welcomed with open arms into this inclusive community. Follow Baltic Boxing on Instagram and be inspired by this spark of change.

If you have been affected by any of the topics discussed, please find support and contact student wellbeing

Feature Credit Image: Pexels