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21st May 2020

How to make Dalgona Coffee – The latest Tiktok trend taking the internet by storm | Recipe

I may be a little bit late to the bandwagon but thought I’d still share! I absolutely LOVE coffee and would rather make it myself with my own cheap, Aldi resources than rely on a daily Costa for an overpriced iced frappe which is about 50% ice anyway! Plus, the current circumstances mean that I’m not able to utilise the services of my local Starbucks anyway.

What is Dalgona Coffee?

So enter dalgona coffee! As cringey as Tiktok can be with its largely pubescent demographic who have just discovered the world of social media, it has also provided us with some gems. The addictive dances as well as this amazing whipped coffee, amongst other things. It’s basically a frothy iced coffee with minimal effort required, and won’t set you back a favour for a fiver for your weekly Venti.

If like me, you spend a disproportionate amount of your time and money in the Starbucks queue outside the guild before embarrassingly running for the 699, or energising yourself for a fat sesh at the SJ, this Asian concoction will save you enough pennies to finally splurge on that new Oh Polly bodycon or ridiculously spenny Nars foundation. Sound too good to be true? Read below so you can become a makeshift barista!

The Recipe

The recipe is simple. All you need is a whisk (electric whisk if you have funds), instant coffee granules (rest assured, Aldi’s finest will suffice), boiling hot water, milk and sugar! If you’re not keen on coffee, feel free to add some hot chocolate powder to turn it into a Starbucks iced mocha instead! Or Madagascan vanilla extract to pretend you’re sunbathing on an exotic beach instead of being in lockdown 🙁

Step 1:

Grab a mixing bowl (probably your multipurpose Wilko bowl from first year) and add in 2 tsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of boiling water and 2tsbp of coffee granules.

Step 2:

Next, use your hand whisk for a quick at-home upper body workout or an electric whisk to mix it all up. Now, your mixture should be velvety smooth and frothy! It will have transitioned from a grim black brew to a golden cream-like texture. As a person with virtually zero upper-body strength, I actually managed to whip it up into a wonderful caramel fluff in under 5 minutes so I would not refrain from making 2020’s iconic whipped coffee if I lacked an electric whisk.

Step 3:

Find a cute glass and fill it with ice and milk of your choice. Now use that tablespoon from earlier to top your milk & ice with your whipped coffee! Alternatively, if you do not identify as an iced coffee aficionado, you can add the whipped mixture to hot milk and skip the ice.

Step 4:

Enjoy! Add an environmentally friendly straw for some cute summertime insta stories since you can’t flex holiday pics anymore!

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Feature Image Credit: Unsplash