3rd May 2020

How A Global Pandemic Has Unified Us Like Never Before

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On the 23rd of March Boris Johnson announced the beginning of a nationwide lockdown in order to combat the coronavirus. 

Shops were closed, staff made redundant and lives were lost. We were forced to confine ourselves in our own homes in order to fight this virus, save lives and protect our NHS. Along with many, I found myself waving goodbye to university, work, and my bi-weekly cheeky Nandos. 

It has been difficult to say the least. Like so many others I find myself struggling with what to do with myself, how to make myself useful, and frankly how to stay sane. 

In the midst of these uncertain times it has been so easy to focus on the negative. However, at 8 o’ clock on Thursday, as I popped my head out my upstairs window for the weekly clap for our carers, I couldn’t help but think of the positives this pandemic has unintentionally brought us. 

Positive Messages…

Compassion, empathy and kindness are valuable lessons we have learnt in the midst of this global crisis.

We are beginning to appreciate the value of the NHS, the difficulty of working in key service sectors, and above all the value of kindness. It is clear to see that whilst coronavirus has tried to bring us down, it has unified us in a way we would have never expected. 

We are living in scary, unprecedented times. Along with everyone else, I am wracked with fear, anxiety and dread. But in the midst of this darkness, there has been a ray of light. I am constantly astounded by the level of compassion I see everyday. Volunteers sacrificing their time to help others, Captain Tom Moore raising money for the NHS and clapping for our carers who work so tirelessly day in day out.

Because after all it costs nothing to be kind. 

Like many, I am eager and preparing for the imminent return of our “normal”. But as we all prepare for our weekend drinks with friends, and wanders round the park, I hope we continue to lead our lives with the same level of compassion, empathy and kindness as we have done so far.

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Feature Image Credit: Pixabay