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17th March 2020

COVID-19 Restrictions on Dissertations

The School Education Committee have decided that, for safety reasons relating to COVID-19, all dissertation projects for the next year will be limited to the use of online secondary or archival data sources, online surveys modelling and phone/ Skype.

This means that any projects that involve fieldwork, lab work or face-to-face contact with members of the public, for example sediment coring, analysis of existing cores or face-to-face interviews. Such means will not have their risk assessments approved, making them illegible for assessment.

Human Geography Students

The University states that Human Geography students can access a wide range of quantitative and qualitative secondary data via the ESRC Data archive. They have also informed us that information about secondary datasets that Physical Geography staff can offer for reanalysis by Physical Geographers and Environmental Scientists. Information will be related as soon as it is made available.

Next steps…

If you are concerned that the changed will affect your dissertation plans, please contact your dissertation supervisors for advice and support.

For any further queries on issues relating to COVID-19, see the University’s FAQ’s page or, for any unanswered issues, email advice@liverpool.ac.uk.