On Campus

19th February 2020

The Guild has voted to support the UCU strikes

As a result of the Guild Summit on 18th February, students have decided that the Liverpool Guild of Students will officially support the upcoming industrial action of the University and College Union, the Guild has announced.

The vote came as a result of a ‘Change It’ idea from student Alex Kendrick, who made the proposal to lobby the Guild to support the strikes. The idea has since been amended by the Guild to clarify that despite the democratic nature of the decision, this opinion does not represent the views of all students at the university.

This decision means that there will be a programme of Teach Out activities available to attend throughout the strikes (which you can find here).

Although this decision has been made, the Guild wish to make it clear that regardless of students’ views on the strikes, it will continue to “represent you, advocate on your behalf and be a place where all students are welcome.”

If you would like to read the full statement from the Guild, please click here.

Source: Liverpool Guild of Students

Featured Image Credit: Liverpool Guild of Students