19th November 2019

Top 10 Christmas Adverts of 2019! – Opinion

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The day was November 1st – Halloween is officially over and Christmas is around the corner!

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Its the time for some festive tunes, amazingly delicious food and wholesome company, making you feel all cosy inside. A new tradition that has emerged these past years is the competition for the best Christmas Advert. The adverts iconically mark the start of the festive period, building the excitement for the next 2 months.

Below is our Top Ten Christmas Adverts of 2019 in all their glory!

No. 10 – Iceland’s #Magicoffrozen

Video Credit: Iceland’s Christmas Ad 2019

Coming in at number 10 is Iceland’s advert in partnership with Walt Disney Studios to promote the upcoming release of Frozen 2 (in cinemas November 22nd). This is a cute advert that uses the popular Frozen characters to spread magic through the home.

No. 9 – Argos: The Book of Dreams

Video Credit: Argos Christmas advert

Number 9 is Argos’s advert, in which a dad relives his childhood dreams of being a musician after seeing his daughter’s circled drum-kit in the catalogue. This is an epic father-daughter band that I would go and see.

No. 8 – Amazon’s Holiday 2019

Video Credit: Amazon 2019

‘Everybody needs somebody to love’. This is the message for this year’s Amazon advert, and what a lovely message it is! And who doesn’t love the singing boxes anyway?

No. 7 – Very.co.uk: Get More Out of Giving

Video Credit: Very.co.uk Advert

Next is the Very.co.uk advert. This was the first advert I saw on exactly November 1st, marking the season of festive adverts! It shows a community coming together to deliver a special present for the elderly man. It is incredibly heart-warming.

No. 6 – McDonald’s UK #ReindeerReady

Video Credit: McDonald’s UK Christmas 2019

Up next is the very sweet #ReindeerReady advert from McDonald’s. I think we can all relate to the little girl, who is so excited for Christmas that she longs for a Christmassy companion, like the adorable pet reindeer.

No. 5 – Aldi’s Christmas Launch

Video Credit: Aldi Christmas Launch Advert 2019

It’s the return of #KevinTheCarrot with special guests, the #LeafyBlinders! This epic homage of an advert is truly spectacular. For instance, there’s comedic references to Brummie-based TV show, Peaky Blinders, hit-movie The Greatest Showman, as well as a sprinkle of inspiration from Disney’s song ‘Be Our Guest’.

No. 4 – Tesco’s #DeliveringChristmas

Video Credit: Tesco Christmas Advert

Just missing out on being in the top 3, Tesco comes speeding through with this clever Back to the Future inspired advert, marking 100 years of delivering. As a result, the delivery driver pops up in time over the past 100 years delivering special ‘food-from-the-future’. This is an original take on a Christmas classic!

No. 3 – Sainsbury’s Nicholas the Sweep

Video Credit: Sainsbury’s Christmas 2019

Are you ready for the tear-jerkers? Sainsbury’s wins third place on this list with the heart-warming (and fictional) origin story of Saint Nicholas. Sainsbury’s is another supermarket celebrating an anniversary – 150 years! The creative story shows how a Victorian chimney sweep is transformed into the one and only St. Nick.

No. 2 – Asda’s Let’s Make Christmas Extra Special

Video Credit: Asda Christmas TV Advert

Just missing out on first place this year is the super cute advert from Asda. This one brought a tear to my eye. A curious little girl manages to capture Santa’s magical dust. She and her older brother spread some Christmas magic around their town, bringing joy to all the residents. However, the magic dust runs out. The brother sees how sad his sister is, therefore he captures some more dust and gifts it to his sister. How sweet is that?

No. 1 – John Lewis & Waitrose & Partners’ #ExcitableEdgar

Video Credit: John Lewis Christmas 2019 Ad

Of course, its the big one. The one that everyone is waiting for. John Lewis has delivered under high expectations with this incredibly cute and thoughtful advert. The adorable Edgar the dragon shows the nation how much caring for others can bring joy this time of year. This is why this advert deserves to be number one.

Do you agree with our Top Ten Christmas adverts? What are your favourites? Above all, I think we can all agree that the release of the Christmas adverts makes the countdown to the 25th even more exciting.

Feature Image Credit: Pixabay