The Best British Anthems: Foals, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys

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20th February 2024

My Top Festival Tunes of 2024

With the festival season rapidly approaching us, it’s time to dust off the wellies and put on the bucket hats. Nothing compares to our UK crowd bringing the magic to festivals with a huge singalong, to launching inflatables, and our dying need to crowd surf. From the much anticipated return of Catfish and The Bottlemen to Faithless, here’s my run of best British festival bangers.

Photo credit: Image by Jade Masri on Unsplash

1. Pacifier – Catfish and The Bottlemen

After a 2 year hiatus, Catfish and The Bottlemen make their miraculous comeback for the 2024 festival season. I may be biased [as one of my favourite bands], but Catfish never fail to amp up the crowd with their show-stopping tunes. Though tracks like Cocoon and 7 feel more suitable towards the festival bracket, Pacifier takes the cake for me with its heavy guitar riffs and anthemic chorus.

Arguably, Catfish’s best performance of Pacifier is at T in the Park Festival 2016. During the track, front man Van McCann, manages to seamlessly reference his love for Austin Powers [ouch kabbible!]. Hopefully he manages to revive this for their Reading and Leeds gig in August!

2. My Number – Foals

Less chilled than some of the other tracks, Foals 2012 hit My Number still unites the audience into a gigantic singalong. The contagious bass and drums have you upon shoulders, throwing your arms up and swaying your shoulders.

The tracks lyrics ooze a rebellion that is perfect for connecting with the festival audience, eliciting a rowdy crowd. My Number is undoubtedly a huge hit and perfect for a summer’s day.

3. Disco 2000 – Pulp

Jarvis Cocker exceeds expectations when he belts out the lyrics to Disco 2000, along with his dancing at Reading Festival main stage 2011. Its sad, sentimental tone is masked by a fun raving instrumental, encouraging some serious dancing whilst pondering some existential thoughts.

4. Fit But You Know It – The Streets

I recently had the pleasure of recently seeing The Streets at our very own Mountford Hall- and they did not disappoint! Skinner’s explosive stage presence gels perfectly with a festival crowd. A veteran of the dance scene and renowned for his dangerous stage diving, it’s only fitting I add the turbulent track, Fit But You Know It.

One of my favourite performances of the track is at Glastonbury 2019, where Skinner shouts ‘Are you smoking spice Glastonbury?’. He commands the crowd; dancing, telling them to smile and asking them to go hard. He surfs the crowd just to give an audience member a pint- what a legend!

5. Brianstorm – Arctic Monkeys

Back to “that old rock n roll”, it would not be fitting if I didn’t add the Monkeys to this list. The band absolutely dominates UK festivals by providing some of the most energetic certified bangers. R U Mine? and I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor are no exception to this, but Brianstorm transcends to a different level.

Matt Helders drumming is in a world of its own and the crowd attempts to keep up with the tumultuous beat. Now pair that with the ferocious guitar riffs and Alex Turner’s machine gun lyrics- the band nailed the brief for a festival classic.

6. Where’s Your Head At – Basement Jaxx

A suitable question for festival goers. The 2001 classic has been a staple in the party scene for decades. My favourite live performance of the track is from Kendal Calling 2013, where the band performed in psychedelic looking kimonos and shirts. It’s possibly the most apt piece of clothing for the song- I love it.

Basement Jaxx unites the audience screaming “Power to the people!”, thrashing themselves about on stage. It’s one of the most energetic performances I’ve ever seen and the crowd’s energy is nothing but boisterous.

7. Insomnia – Faithless

Last and definitely not least is one of my favourite anthems in the British music scene. The tranquil voice of Maxi Jazz declaring he “can’t get no sleep” particularly mirrors the audience once the beat kicks in.
The record is other worldly. The electronic beat transcends you into space, and without a doubt the audience feel like they are too.

Faithless’ lyrics are brutally authentic which allows the audience to connect physically and mentally to the track. This isn’t some shallow club song, it’s a high form of art in the EDM scene.

There you have it! That concludes the list for my Top Festival Tunes of 2024.

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