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12th December 2023

Georgia at District | Review

About Georgia

Georgia is an incredible electronic solo artist hailing from central London, who I got the opportunity to see at District a few weeks ago. What makes Georgia such an anomaly is that she is a DIY producer, self-confessed studio nerd and a female drummer.

The Venue

District is a really interesting venue in the heart of the Baltic Triangle and is in one of the lots under Baltic Creative. The development of the Baltic Triangle has been incredible and while I have been to other venues in the area this was my first trip to District.

District’s location means it’s a converted industrial space a mixture of artistic elements and some original parts of the building. With interesting artwork covering the walls, a disco ball and some funky lighting as well as an outdoor space. It is also a multi-purpose venue meaning there’s not just gigs but also film screenings, club nights and loads of other events it will definitely not be my last time going to an event here!

District felt like the perfect venue for this show, with the high ceilings allowing the music to fill the space and the size allowing enough room to dance to the rave reminiscent music. It fits with the energy of the crowd who were loving the space it gave to move freely and really enjoy the music.

Photo credit: Flora Day

The Stage set-up

Her stage set-up is impressive and something I have never seen before. She performs behind a bright red Simmons set while singing, accompanied by Kat on bass/keys and Charlene on drums/keys. This set-up provides a different vibe to that found on Georgia’s tracks on streaming service.

I enjoyed the switch in sound, it felt an equal part DJ set and a more vocally focused solo performance. Georgia’s music is heavily based on the production side of things, which can be difficult to transfer to the stage. Despite this, she managed to do this in a truly captivating way. Displaying an incredible amount of energy despite being behind a keyboard and a Simmons.

Georgia’s energy was off the charts I don’t know how she not only multitasked as much as she did while still dancing and engaging with the crowd. The performance was a masterclass on enthralling an audience whilst not losing the quality of the music. Even if someone had never heard a song by Georgia her and her band’s energy was so infectious I can imagine they’d leave a fan of her.

The set featured a variety of tracks including Georgia’s older releases and tracks off her newest album, Euphoric. One of my favourite songs of the night was It’s Euphoric. This track I find reminiscent of early Christine and the Queens like Tilted from their 2016 album.

The new album Euphoric itself feels like a shift away from some of Georgia’s earlier work exploring some deeper themes. Despite this, it is still an energising listen. Other favourites from the set for me were Give It Up For Love and a cover of Kate Bush’s iconic Running Up That Hill.

Photo Credit: Flora Day

Final Thoughts

I think the best way to describe the feeling of walking away from Georgia’s performance was energised. It was impossible to go and not have a good time. The rest of the crowd seemingly felt the same way. With many members of the audience screaming every word and everyone having a good dance.

Georgia’s performance was not only phenomenal because I enjoy her music but the skill in her performance. It was also the first time I’d seen anyone front a project on percussion and lead vocals which was exciting in itself. Georgia’s band also deserve credit being as impressive and multi-talented.

All in all, Georgia was a captivating performer who the entirety of the audience appeared to love. If anyone reading this loves anything to do with music production or percussion, I would truly recommend going to see Georgia.

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