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23rd November 2023

Liverpool: Get Stuck into a City of Culture

Liverpool is a city abundant with culture from musicians to sportspeople. It has become recognisable for its arts and diverse cosmopolitan scene. As a European Capital of Culture, there are several places to explore within Liverpool where you can learn even more about the city you are studying in. From the Cavern Club, the well-known and long-standing football rivalry, the docks and many other points of interest; there is something here for everyone. Further, the University of Liverpool holds so much diversity, with students travelling across the country, the affiliation Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool in China and the opportunity for semester abroad students, it is impossible not to hear and learn about other people’s cultures and lives. There are countless opportunities to discover more about other people and the city itself; I think it’s so important to immerse yourself in culture and feed the diversity of the city.

Within Liverpool, the prospect of exploring culture is widespread. A short trip into town and you can find so much about the heritage of Liverpool. 

Image Credit: Photo by Marcus Cramer on Unsplash

The Cavern Club

Liverpool’s Cavern Club is the ‘cradle of British pop music’ (History, 2023). Tucked away in town on Matthew Street, the Cavern Club has seen through seven decades of music, most famously the Beatles. They offer live music every day, with Beatles tributes and new music on offer; the Cavern Club is symbolic of Liverpool’s history and a great way to explore the arts of the city new and old.

Liverpool Philharmonic

Another location which offers a large variety of music is the Liverpool Philharmonic. With performances varying from Cabaret to Comedy, it is the perfect spot to discover the arts of the city. 

The Liverpool Cathedrals

Further, there is a rich architectural scene within Liverpool. Boasting two incredible cathedrals, they could be the perfect point for you to explore a little more of the culture of Liverpool.

The Metropolitan Cathedral takes a slightly more abstract modern shape but holds the fascinating history of its creation. ‘The striking design of the present Cathedral is the fourth attempt by the Catholic Church in the North West of England to build a church for the Liverpool diocese – and the culmination of a story that stretches back over a century’ (A Brief History, 2023). As you make your way around the cathedral you can find out more about its building.

The Protestant Cathedral, located slightly further away from town, also contributes to the amazing features of Liverpool. This cathedral has a greater depth of history having survived two world wars and once being a hub to the port of Liverpool. However, it is equally as architecturally incredible as the Metropolitan Cathedral; and can be an amazing viewpoint of the city – if you can stomach the two lifts and 108 stairs!

Image Credit: Photo by Deividas Toleikis on Unsplash

Liverpool Museums and Art

There are also several museums and galleries in Liverpool so you can broaden your knowledge of the city’s history and culture.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

If the history of the docks, life at sea, and Liverpool’s crucial role in the Titanic interests you, this is the perfect choice. Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am-4pm, this is a great spot for a bit of learning about Liverpool.

Slavery Museum

In the Albert Dock, the Slavery Museum stands ‘only yards away from the dry docks where 18th-century slave trading ships were repaired and fitted out’ (About the Museum, 2023). This is an interesting way to learn about the history of the slave trade, and how it shaped the city today.

Museum of Liverpool

Also located on the docks is the Museum of Liverpool, which is a great place to learn about the history of Liverpool, from sportspeople to the development of vehicles. ‘Its popular displays looked at the life, work and leisure activities of Liverpool people from all walks of life over the last 200 years’ (About the Museum of Liverpool, 2023).

The Tate

Although currently temporarily closed, the Tate is a great place to discover abstract and thought-provoking pieces of art. Part of the Albert dock, it’s a great place to pop into to immerse yourself in the art scene of Liverpool.

Liverpool Football

Image Credit: Photo by Finn Staygold on Unsplash

One of the most well-known parts of Liverpool’s heritage is the ongoing football rivalry between Liverpool and Everton. Both teams are less than a mile apart from each other. They have played in a derby ‘every season since 1962’ (Burns, E. 2023). It is interesting to consider, that Anfield was once home to Everton who played there until 1892 when they were evicted after a dispute over rent (Burns, E. 2023). These factors only heighten the tension between the Merseyside teams.

The perhaps more famous side of the rivalry, Liverpool FC have been a team since 1892 (Burns, E. 2023). If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket then you can soak up the ‘electric atmosphere’ (For Memories that last more than 90 minutes, 2023). However, they are in high demand and aren’t always easy to get your hands on. However, if this appeals to you but the high prices don’t consider securing a matchday job. At either club, it’s a perfect way to soak up the atmosphere and earn money!

New Everton Stadium

Everton is currently in the process of building a new stadium on the Bramley-Moore dock waterfront which aims to be built by late 2024, which promises to be ‘the envy of the world’ (About the project, 2023). With the stadium being situated on the waterfront it makes it slightly more accessible by foot and is a great way to immerse yourself in one half of the Liverpool football scene.

Get Stuck In!

There are a variety of ways to get stuck in with diversity and culture at the university. The Guild’s instagram page is a great way to find out about different arts and culture events going on around Campus. Liverpool University Drama Society performances and a variety of language learning sessions and dance classes, to name a few. Some societies allow you to connect with people from a similar background, such as Irish society, Afro Caribbean society or Catholic Society. It can be very difficult to stay in touch with your own culture when coming to university. Practices and traditions that are part of your home life may make it difficult to keep up with university life. Remembering to stay in touch with people that remind you of who you are and making time for important things, is key to a good uni life!


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Featured Image Credit: Photo by Chris Boland on Unsplash