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16th November 2023

Sound Advice — The Essential Music Industry Podcast

The podcast Sound Advice dedicates itself to opening up the music industry by featuring guests ranging from rising artists to industry professionals. The podcast features in-depth conversations with experts who understand the complexities of music marketing, merchandise, live events, social media and more. 

The digitalization of the music industry has created an incredible expansion of possibilities for independent artists. Musicians can now record and post music from almost any device. People are told social media is the key to promotion and success, it’s accessible to everyone and eliminates the need for musicians to rely on a label. Yet, the industry’s democratization has posed the challenge of standing out amidst a flood of new talent and music. This precarious situation leaves artists facing numerous opportunities to get noticed, but they are also confronted with unprecedented levels of competition.

Within the music industry, it has always been and still is an industry that operates on a need-to-know-people basis. This is what allows some to break into music more easily than others. Olly’s aim with That’s Sound is to make the advice given through this accessible to everyone, irrespective of who they know.

Episode 1 with Abbie McCarthy

The first episode features Abbie McCarthy, BBC Radio Introducing Kent DJ. Abbie talks about how BBC introducing works, which is a fundamental pathway for independent musicians. She tells all on how to utilise introducing to gain exposure, radio plays and festival slots and how to make the best first impression on producers and hosts. Abbie debunks the myth that a large following is necessary to get radio play. She demonstrates that submitting to BBC Introducing is truly worthwhile because if someone likes it, they will play it.

Episode 2 with Joe Sage

The second episode released just yesterday features Joe Sage, producer and mix engineer. Joe has worked with a multitude of artists, including Grammy Award winners. He talks to Olly about how to effectively work with producers and get the very best out of precious studio time. Additionally, Joe talks about how important communication is with producers for musicians. He clarifies the importance of preparing for studio time and being at your very best before getting to the studio.

I’m looking forward to future episodes of the podcast. It will be great to hear from such a large variety of music industry professionals. Olly as the host offers an interesting and in-depth interview, by asking each guest just the right questions. I believe Olly’s mission is fantastic. Sound advice is a must-listen for anyone hoping to get into the industry, not just musicians.

Episodes will be out every Tuesday and guests are announced on Mondays, make sure to follow Sound Advice on Instagram for updates here:

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