31st October 2023

Salwa Bea at Outpost 29/10/23 – Live Music Review

On Sunday night, I had the opportunity to go to Outpost, a cosy, and intimate venue in Liverpool, for an evening of live music and to see Salwa Bea. Outpost’s classic sticky floors and craft beer offerings set the stage for an unforgettable night of music. The venue’s relatively small size created an electric atmosphere, perfect for small but high-energy audiences, a vibe that was clearly felt during Salwa Bea’s performance.

Iguana’s on the Floor and Colour It Red took to the stage before Salwa’s set and both had impressive performances. Colour it Red also brought energy and sang every lyric while watching Salwa’s set it was incredible to see smaller artists supporting each other. Salwa Bea and her band were the final performance of the night, taking to the stage to a lot of audience support they launched into their set. 

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The set

The set was almost entirely originals, something rare with smaller artists it was an impressive snapshot of Salwa’s songwriting capabilities. Her style evokes comparisons to artists like Olivia Dean, with powerful, soulful vocals and evocative lyrics accompanied by funky instrumentals. Wildfires stood out for its poignant lyrics, and Goodbye a song released earlier this year in March, was a personal favourite.

In the spirit of the Halloween-themed night, the set included a spooky medley of covers, with a festive rendition of Donovan’s Season of the Witch. The mood shifted when the band left the stage and Salwa Bea offered an acoustic performance of Call and Cancel. This showcased Salwa’s vocal prowess and piano skills, a moment of serenity in amongst the night’s energetic performances.

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The band is just as deserving of praise as Salwa herself. They were phenomenal, each having solo moments that highlighted the individual talent of the band but blending together seamlessly complementing Salwa’s gorgeous voice. Joel Chiverton’s drumming was a standout performance for me. Salwa and the band closed the set with a jam which is another testament to their collective talent.

Salwa Bea’s performance at Outpost’s Funk’n Fright night was a showcase of her musical artistry. Her emotive originals, captivating stage presence, and impressive collaboration with her band created an unforgettable evening of live music. Leaving the gig, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we’re in for some seriously impressive music from Salwa Bea in the future. Additionally, her performance was incredibly energetic and oozing with talent, making it crystal clear that big things are on the horizon for her music career. I genuinely look forward to seeing Salwa grow and develop as an artist.

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