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19th May 2023

Yeastie Boys Back Kiwi Entrance to Eurovision

While many students were crowding into Liverpool city centre to soak up the last of the Eurovision fever at venues such as EuroVillage, EuroCamp or even our very own Mountford Hall; here at LGSM we decided to go further afield, to explore the unique viewing opportunities the city had on offer that night with hosts Yeastie Boys.

Only a stone’s throw from Greenbank Student Village, you’ll find The Penny Lane Wine Bar, a lively and welcoming venue, with a fantastic little beer garden in the back. On arrival, we were presented with a selection of the latest food on offer on the small plates menu. This included all things salt ‘n’ pepper; chicken, ribs and my personal favourite, halloumi. A great selection of grub to keep you coming back for more between songs.

Open Up

Before the festivities truly began, I was able to catch up with Stu, the founder of Yeastie Boys, to ask what inspired him to back New Zealand as a potential new Eurovision entrant. Neighbouring Australia was first granted entry to the competition back in 2013. Now the Kiwis are hopeful that they can have a similar European homecoming.

We’re a brewery born and bred in New Zealand. We’re passionate about our beer and we’re passionate about our music. It’s blatanly unfair that Australia have been continually invited to compete (for quite a few years now), whereas we’re still barred entry!

Stu – Yeastie Boys Founder

Before we knew it, it was almost time for the opening act and the boys themselves were ready to address the crowd they’d amassed. They thanked everyone for coming and the multitude of people who had allowed this great event to be realised. To finish this magnificent speech they cracked open a can of their Pangea Pale Ale and sent the vegan beer flying everywhere, like something you’d see at the Formula 1. One more mention of the enigmatic New Zealand entry brought forth cries of “sing that song” from the awaiting crowd. Unfortunately, Stu couldn’t give us a live rendition but the parody song he sponsored, ‘Eurovusion (Open Up)’ by Two Hearts, is available on YouTube.

It was an authentic Scouse experience throughout. The playful boos surrounding the Aussie entry, a protest of the apparent hypocrisy of their participation no doubt, mirrored the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester. It was a great night filled with great people, United by Music™.

If you’d like to try a pint for yourself, you can find a selection of Yeastie Boys’ beers on tap at The Head of Steam on Hannover Street and on rotation in bars across Liverpool. If you’d like to see New Zealand in next year’s contest in Sweden, you can sign their petition on

Cover Image by David Peterson from Pixabay.