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22nd March 2023

Voting 101: How to Choose Your Next Guild President!

With voting only open for a couple more days, the countdown is on to choose your next Guild President! Here is a guide on how to cast your vote and why it matters to have your say. Voting closes this Friday, 24th March at 2 pm.

Campus Campaigning

If you find yourself on campus this week with a spare moment, you can immerse yourself in all the campaigning fun. Located on Guild Street, the ballot station will be open every day 11 am – 2 pm, with someone on hand to answer all your voting queries and questions. Already this week there has been an array of activities, prizes and free goodies to be snapped up, from a £100 Asda voucher, to delightfully free doughnuts. As the week progresses and elections heat up, there is so much more to come so keep your eyes peeled about campus.

Voting Online

Below is a short video guide on how to make your vote via @liverpoolguild on Instagram. Here, you can find more info and daily updates surrounding elections.

Remember, you can always vote via the Guild website. Follow this link to access the “Student Officer Elections Hub”: https://www.liverpoolguild.org/making-change/guild-elections/student-officer-elections/election-hub

Happy voting!