25th April 2022

Feeling Worldwide VIBEs in Liverpool | VIBE Liverpool

VIBE Liverpool are hosting a jam-packed, one-off event at Hanger 34, on Sunday 1st May – just in time to sleep off the hangover on Bank Holiday Monday!

We caught up with them to ask about their background, upcoming events and how they’re playing to their strengths as young people with their finger on the pulse when it comes to what students want and need.

VIBE Liverpool
Image provided by James Backhouse

Who are VIBE Liverpool?

The events brand was founded by former Liverpool John Moores University students who met on their Business Management course, five years ago.

We are a Techno, House and Disco event, so operate in tons of different venues across the city. Some of the owners are DJs and have been playing weekly in Liverpool since their first year of university and still do to this day.

We were out all through uni, whether that be at nightclubs, events, festivals etc. We were all on the same page with what we thought made a night good and what we thought they were missing.

James Backhouse – CEO, VIBE Liverpool

Where Will You Know Them From?

Since 2019, they played weekly basement events at Revolution, called Vibe Thursdays. They used these smaller events to grow their brand and spent time on their socials to attract attention.

We would post a range of content, like memes, rave footage and songs of the week. We even ran a guest mix series, where we featured smaller local DJs and worldwide artists, so everyone was on a level platform.

Over time, we expanded and looked into investing more money and time into our events. Now, we focus on larger special events, where we generally either bring talented names in or focus on a theme. Our last event was at the Invisible Wind Factory, for our Halloween special and we sold out.

James Backhouse – CEO, VIBE Liverpool

Are They Accommodating Students?

Originally a student event, they’ve expanded to cater to both students and locals. However, they maintain their core values.

We maintain reasonable entry prices, regardless of whether it’s a special event or how much money we’ve put in, we refuse venues unless drinks prices are reasonable and venues have reduced prices specifically for events we’ve run in the past.

All of the events are easily accessible with public transport. We’ve also timed this event with when student loans come in, to try to ensure students are able to afford to go out.

James Backhouse – CEO, VIBE Liverpool

‘Welcome to Tulum’

The upcoming event at Hangar 34 (on 1st May) is Welcome to Tulum. They want to bring Tulum‘s ‘beach party’ VIBE straight to you.

The plan originally came from a concept we really wanted to try, called ‘Back to Summer’. The theory was to host early summer parties because the distance from September to June is far too long and everyone knows summer parties are the best!

We decided to focus on a holiday destination which isn’t as well-known, to bring something new and fresh. Tulum is a beautiful place in Mexico and the rave and nightlife culture is unmatched. We have brought in an interior design company to completely transform the venue, giving it the same feeling as Tulum’s festivals, such as Day Zero and Zamna, on the night.

James Backhouse – CEO, VIBE Liverpool

Why Should You Go?

If you want to experience something new, this immersive warehouse rave will probably tick that box.

There will be a mix of groovy house and techno music, as well as adding some Latin spice to match the theme of Tulum. The headliners are excellent at reading the room and are some of the best at crowd interaction. There will also be dancers, fire performers, lasers, confetti cannons and a few surprises!

Most other events are repeated, so people will have experienced it before, or will be able to in the future. We will be moving to another destination around the world, where decoration, venue and music will be different, so this is a completely one of a kind event. If you miss it then, unfortunately, you won’t have another chance to see what Tulum in Liverpool has to offer.

James Backhouse – CEO, VIBE Liverpool

How Can You Find Out More?

Their Welcome to Tulum event is on Sunday 1st May, 10:00pm til 3:30am (last entry 11:00pm). You can find all the details of the event on Skiddle, here.

Whilst Welcome to Tulum is a one-off, this isn’t a one-off event idea for VIBE Liverpool. With many future plans which are yet to be announced, they’re looking to provide high-class events in some of the most notorious, intimate and underground venues the city has to offer.

To keep in the know, follow their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Cover image provided by James Backhouse.