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On Campus

1st March 2022

Understanding the Student Strike

On Wednesday 2nd March, students at University of Liverpool and across the country are striking in solidarity with National Union of Students (NUS).

Their ‘Student Strike for Education: Walk Out Teach’ aims to unite students, in reimagining the broken system and building a #NewVisionForEducation. Their central London protest calls for students to join together, for a day of sharing knowledge, celebrating and experiencing education in the manner they want to see it.

Why are we Striking at University of Liverpool?

The student officers and Liverpool Guild of Students are calling for students not to attend lectures or seminars on Wednesday. They want to take a stand against the university ‘prioritising income over the wellbeing and education of students’.

Chloe Field is our Deputy President. I asked her why she was leading students to strike.

I believe the quality of education and student life has been on a sharp decline since fees were introduced in 1998. The marketisation of education and the continued prioritisation of profits over student and staff interests can go on for no longer. I am helping lead this national student strike, as I believe we have to stand up for our education and our rights.

Chloe Field

What are the Demands of the Strike?

Wanting to place emphasis back on students, the strike calls for the following demands to be met:

  • Fully funded courses – allowing access to free tertiary education, with adequate pay, pensions and conditions for educational staff.
  • Improved accessibility – calling for an end to ableism in education.
  • Lifelong learning – encouraging education across a person’s lifespan.
  • Community building – committing to housing, climate, and health justice.
  • Compassion – rooting people’s university experience in safety, liberation and collective care.

How do you Take Part?

Taking part is simple – don’t take part in your uni activities! Don’t attend any lectures, seminars or tutorials you have scheduled. You can also join the protest rally at 12pm on University Square to actively contribute to the cause. The Guild are running events throughout the day regarding education and welfare. You can access these instead of your usual course related content! Find a full programme of the Guild run events here.

We’ll see you on the picket line and Chelsea will be there to interview students and get their views!