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3rd February 2022

There’s a Society for Everyone

Looking to make new friends? Want to learn a new skill? Is it time to pick up a hobby? Do you want to spread the word about a cause? Look no further, there’s a society for you! We’ve seen several posts on LiverFess from people saying they think they left it too late to make friends and they wished they joined a society – guess what? You can join at any time and this year it’s totally free!

We asked for societies to come forward if they wanted to be featured in this article and here are the first 20 who did!


Accounting and Finance

If you’re interested in Accounting and Finance or even just take the course, do join our society. Upon joining, you will have many chances to build links with the world’s best financial service companies, strengthen your personal academic skills through our educational seminars, and further improve your understanding of the real world through our Development lectures.

This year we will organize a Finance Ball, through which you can meet your fellow course mates and even seniors!
We look forward to meeting all of you and welcoming you to the society!

Advocacy Society

If you want to develop your transferrable advocacy and legal skills, enhance employability to improve your CV, or just attend our fab socials, then the Advocacy Society is perfect for you! It is open to both law and non-law students in which you will make long lasting friends. We will be hosting workshops, mock trials, mooting competitions and a mentorship scheme in which you will have the opportunity to develop your public speaking and overall confidence which you can utilise in any profession. We can’t wait to see you at our unique events 🙂

Bar Society

The Bar Society assists students in understanding the role and journey to becoming a barrister. Not only is our mooting competition a great way of consolidating and exercising the knowledge taught in our law modules. It also enables students to emulate the life of a barrister to decide whether it is a career path they would genuinely enjoy. Last year, our mooting finals went to the Supreme Court, and we hope to achieve this again. 

Additionally, we have fun socials and collaborate with a variety of other legal societies. Our most recent one being at the Botanical Garden. Socialising has proved to be highly challenging during the Pandemic. Therefore, our aim as a society is to ensure our members meet new people and enjoy their university experience.

Coding and Robotics

We are a society dedicated to engaging with electronics and coding at all levels, from complete beginners to cutting edge research. We aim to meet weekly, running regular introductory sessions, as well as more advanced projects, tutorials, and workshops. We have connections with local and international businesses, providing the opportunity for real world experience and insight into how technology is shaping the modern world as well as networking opportunities, as well as close ties with UoL’s partner university in China, with whom we competed in the DJI Robomaster competition in Shenzen.

Commercial Awareness Society


CompSoc is an academic society. We focus on developing key skills that anyone can add to their portfolio and we call people from industry to talk about the latest tech innovations. Anyone can join as all talks and workshops require no prior knowledge. We are also a really large society which is known for its social events. Recently we hosted a pub crawl, which is a CompSoc tradition and got over 120 attendees. From freshers to postgrad, we welcome everyone.

Modern Languages Society

We’re a group of students with an interest in modern languages and culture! Our socials are usually language-based but we also love a night out or a film night too 🤩🤩

Public International Law Society

We exist for the future human rights lawyers, diplomats, global activists, etc. Our goal is to enhance employability, network, and have fun learning all about this really interesting area of law. We encourage membership from students of all degree disciplines!

Affecting Change

Help the Homeless

LGBT+ Society

I would say our society is extremely active, running bar crawl socials every weekend, as well as identity talks in first semester by each of our identity representatives weekly. We hold games nights, both online and in person, as well as crafts events, coffee meets, and more! We currently have over 450 members and growing.

We are promoting safe practice on nights out by handing out anti-spiking materials, as well as ear plugs to help those who may have trouble in stimulating environments like clubs! So the more members we have who engage with us, the more we will be able to do for the rights of students, and not just LGBT+ ones.

Students for Global Health Liverpool

Students for Global Health Liverpool is a branch of the national organisation, student for global health. We aim to raise awareness in the student community about global health issues through advocacy, campaigning, fundraising efforts and forums. We also seek to employ an interdisciplinary approach to tackling global health issues, this means that we would love to involve all students from all courses! Global health issues require a varied perspective to provide effective and sustainable solutions 🙂

Sober Soc

Sober Soc is a brand new society this year, and really I created it because of my own personal difficulties surrounding student drinking culture. I struggled with alcohol throughout my undergrad, and I’m now 9 months sober and back in Liverpool studying a master’s! I would have benefited massively from a non-judgemental sober space to socialise during my studies at Liverpool, so I wanted to bring that vision to life. The other committee members have slightly different stories; some never liked drinking, others do drink but want to drink mindfully alongside sober socials, so we’re a real mixed bag! We are currently hosting weekly sober circles, and we’re also in the process of organising some fun and bigger events ~ think everything from movie nights to day trips!!! We want to emphasise that absolutely everyone is welcome, no matter their relationship with alcohol!

We can’t offer support / therapy / help with drinking problems, and if you are struggling with dependency or difficulties with mental health you should contact student support, guild advice, or official alcohol / MH helplines as we aren’t qualified to provide this kind of support.

Celebrating Culture

Pak Soc

Rosoc (Romanian)


Liverpool Ophthalmology Society

The newly formed Liverpool Ophthalmology society aims to engage students into the truly fascinating specialty of Ophthalmology. We aim to unite all students interested in the field of Ophthalmology, included non-medics, whilst also providing a solid grounding for undergraduate ophthalmic education which is vital. Most medical students have very limited exposure to ophthalmology through the undergraduate curriculum and it is our aim to change that!! 

On top of providing teaching for ophthalmology required within the undergraduate curriculum, we are excited to be providing support for students sitting the annual Duke Elder Exam.

Sharing Activity

Anime and Otaku Society



We welcome anyone regardless of their background, and whether they have only just discovered Kpop or if they have been a fan for several years! We aim to create an all-inclusive space where fans can come together to share the love for the ever-rising Hallyu wave. 

Our past events have ranged from Quiz Nights to Movie Nights to Dance Classes. And oh, of course, the super popular Kpop Club Nights! With our wide array of events, we can guarantee that our members will enjoy your time as a society member and that they will make lots of new friends with similar interests.

University of Liverpool Photography Society

We are a open society free for anyone to join – whether people have only just taken photos on their phone camera or have been taking photos for years!

We want everyone to have a space to learn a new skill, meet new friends and go to great places in and around the city x

Performing Arts

Pole and Aerial Dance Society

We offer pole dance and aerial hoop classes with something for everyone from complete beginners to the more advanced! Whether you’re looking for a fun hobby, a different way to exercise or even to make new friends, come along to our classes!

Liverpool Guild Student Media

While you’re here, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention ourselves!

We are always looking for more contributors and welcome suggestions for any kind of written pieces. If you want to get experience in writing and have your work published, let us know. We also have radio, podcasts and TV – drop us a message on Instagram to speak to the appropriate Chair!

Distressed by the high speed VOI scooters nearly taking you out on the pavement? Compiled a list of the top 10 songs to scream sing after a break up? Passionate about the survival of hedgehogs? We want to hear from you!