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9th November 2021

Move Over Pumpkin Spice, Starbucks’ Christmas Drinks are Out!

One of the fundamental signs that Christmas is on its way has to be the revival of Starbucks’ Christmas menu. And luckily for you, The Guild’s Starbucks launched their festive range last week. Here at LGSM, we’re probably as excited for Christmas as you can get, so you can only imagine how excited we were to try all of Starbucks’ festive drinks! One crisp afternoon last week, we headed down to The Guild Starbucks to see what this year’s Christmas menu had to offer. Oh my goodness, we weren’t disappointed! Here’s all the festive drinks available at Starbucks this year, with some new additions among the classics.

1.    Eggnog Latte

Starting off with our favourite, the Eggnog latte tastes just like Christmas in a red cup! Neither of us had tried Eggnog before, so we didn’t know what to expect. However, the blend of spices with the creaminess of the coffee was delicious and we immediately knew it would be tough to beat. 

Perfect for: a warming wake up before your 9am.

Image credit: Morgan Harris (LGSM editor)

2.    Gingerbread Latte

I am one of the biggest gingerbread latte fans. I mean, I’ll ask for gingerbread syrup in a summery iced coffee. Starbucks did not let me down here, from the delicately spiced coffee to the gingerbread cream on top, we didn’t want it to end – even though there were still three more left to try!

Perfect for: celebrating getting through your scariest seminar.

Image credit: Author

3.    Toffee Nut Latte

Now, I wouldn’t usually go for a toffee nut latte, as I prefer the spiced drinks. However, if you’re looking for a sweet classic coffee, then toffee nut should be your go-to. The flavours aren’t too intense, so would be ideal paired with one of Starbucks’ festive paninis or sandwiches. 

Perfect for: a lunchtime coffee fix.

Image credit: Author

4.    Caramel Waffle Latte

The first of Starbucks’ new Christmas drinks, I was so excited to try the caramel waffle latte! I love buying Stroopwafels from the Christmas markets, and the drink perfectly captures the taste of the Dutch treat. The waffle pieces on top perfectly finish off the drink, so it’s almost like you’ve dipped a Stroopwafel in your coffee. 

Perfect for: escaping from campus to the Christmas markets.

Image credit: Author

5.    Fudge Brownie Hot Chocolate

I’m a coffee girl at heart, so I’d never usually opt for a hot chocolate. However, after trying the new fudge brownie hot chocolate, I’d be tempted to change my habits. The drink was deliciously fudgy, taking your average hot chocolate to the extreme – the biggest treat yourself drink! 

Perfect for: indulging yourself as a Friday treat. 

The Christmas menu may have begun, but don’t worry, you can still bring pumpkin spice into your life with this syrup recipe! But for now, go on, get yourself down to Starbucks and try all the festive drinks. You deserve it!

To find out more about what’s on offer at Liverpool Guild of Students, check out their Instagram!

Featured Image Credit: Author