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3rd November 2021

Remember, Remember the 5th of November: Foodie fun for bonfire night

Halloween is over, the costumes are back in the fancy-dress box, the hangover is starting to fade, and it’s almost beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Before you start decking the halls though, don’t forget that this Friday is bonfire night! A.K.A. the perfect opportunity to gather your mates for a cosy night round the fire. Whether you’ve managed to build a make-shift fire pit in your garden, or you’re planning a big bonfire, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without some bonfire night themed treats. Luckily, here at LGSM we can appreciate the importance of providing the right snacks for any occasion, so here’s our guide to foodie fun on bonfire night!

Image credit: Arthur Ogleznev from Pexels

1.    Toffee apples

Potentially one of the most essential bonfire night treats, toffee apples should be a staple for you this Friday! You can make your own using this four-ingredient recipe from Good Food. Alternatively, you can probably find them in most supermarkets (although most of the fun is in making them). If you prefer, why not try chocolate apples by simply dipping your apples in melted chocolate instead of the toffee mixture. These can then be decorated with sprinkles or marshmallows to jazz them up a bit.

2.    Hot dogs and burgers

Whether you have the facilities to barbecue them or not, there’s something very bonfire-y about hot dogs and burgers. Go all the way and fry off some onions, get the fancy sauces out, and enjoy the warmth of a hot dog or burger round the fire. 

Image credit: cottonbro from Pexels

3.    Filled cheesy potato skins

There’s something so comforting about a potato skin filled with melted cheese and potato, and in my opinion they make the perfect bonfire snack. You can easily whip up so many different flavours for your friends, catering to every taste bud. If you’re feeling fancy, why not try these potato skin recipes from Jamie Oliver. If not, a simple mix of cheese and bacon will definitely be a crowd pleaser!

4.    Chilli con carne

What could beat a big bowl of chilli with rice and cheese, while sat out on a cold crisp evening? Chilli is ideal for cooking for a big group, because you can bulk make it and everyone can serve themselves! For extra yumminess, you could serve the chilli with nachos instead of rice! Try this recipe from Good Food, scaling it to the group you’re cooking for.

5.    Anything involving chocolate and marshmallows!

When I think of bonfire night, my first thought is s’mores. The toasted marshmallow oozing out of the chocolate biscuit… absolutely unbeaten. All you need for s’mores is chocolate digestives (get the caramel ones for extra luxury), marshmallows, and skewers. Simply toast the marshmallow on the bonfire, then slide it between two digestives – bon appetite. 

Another indulgent bonfire sweet treat is stuffed bananas. Cooked on the fire, these are bananas stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows, then wrapped in tinfoil before cooking. The melted chocolate and marshmallows with the banana is delicious! Definitely a must-try for bonfire night this year. 

Image credit: JACK REDGATE from Pexels

6.    Mulled wine

I know, I know, mulled wine is for Christmas, but just hear me out. Imagine, you’re all wrapped up in cosy clothes, sipping a nicely spiced wine, laughing and chatting with your besties. You can try making your own using this Good Food recipe, which could be a good laugh, or you can buy it ready-made for £3 from Asda!

Other boozy bonfire drinks you may want to try out: Baileys hot chocolate or a Spiced Rum and Coke. If none of these are for you, you could always try one of our more classic cocktail recipes.

Image credit: Jens Mahnke from Pexels

With all these treats to indulge yourself with, bonfire night will be one to remember this year! Let us know if you try any of these, or any other seasonal snacks you bring to the fire!

Featured Image Credit: from Pexels