Journalling to reduce stress


31st October 2021

5 Healthy Ways To Manage Stress

Stressed out from studying? Looming deadlines quickly creeping up on you? Yep, I feel you, and I’m afraid the end of semester one is near, so it is only going to get worse and it’s possible so will your mental health. Oops, I am here to increase positivity, sorry, back up… Anyways, even though it is beyond tempting to just party away your worries and procrastinate (Hey Skint) or for the more sophisticated among us to reach for a glass of red in the evenings; there are so many healthier ways to manage stress, under what sometimes feels like insurmountable tension. 

Express your creativity 

Creativity is so readily neglected in today’s busy world, in which we renders ourselves time-poor. However, studies have found that transforming your stress into a creative form helps us manage our emotions in a positive way. So you can use the abundant, probably negative, energy you are feeling and turn it into something beautiful. Whether that is writing a poem, creating music or painting or drawing (so what if you don’t have the knack for it); many of us could benefit from a little art therapy to relieve our stress. Let’s normalise making time for creative moments. How else did Picasso become one of the greatest artist’s of all time and Shakespeare the greatest dramatist? Lots of the uni societies make space for this but suggestions are: Art Soc, Book Soc and Bake Soc!

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Sure, this isn’t for everyone, but don’t knock it till you try it. Bring your chaotic mind to a standstill, ground your thoughts and become transported into a state of utter tranquility. Focus on your breathing and bring that energy up to the top of your head, and into your brain pathway. This way you will increase the oxygen and blood flow to the brain which will recenter our minds, calm stress and indulge in relaxation. You could consider joining either Meditation Soc or Yoga Soc.

Apps to try: 

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Listen to podcasts  

Discovering podcasts truly changed my life. There is something so easy and simple about turning on a podcast while driving, walking or doing anything for that matter and tuning in to the conversation of the people speaking. 

My 2 favourite podcasts at the moment:

  • Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain – This pod is literally like talking to your best friend (talk about killing 2 birds with one stone, see point 5 for reference). Youtube sensation, Emma Chamberlain casually chit-chats about navigating her way through life; from travel tips to advice sessions to reality checks, Emma normalises the struggles life throws our way whilst being refreshingly honest about her own journey. 
  • The Girls Bathroom – Youtubers Sophia and Cinzia will give you the 411 on heartbreak, toxic friendships, girl boss 101s and how to thrive at being single. Every episode feels as if you are sat on their sofa, face and hair mask on and having your Wednesdays weekly catchup. Like they say, they are just girls and boys just like us, so listening to them laugh about and tackle through life’s dilemmas is the perfect way to remind you that you are not alone and we all have our issues. 


Again, not for everyone and this takes practice to get into the swing of it just as meditation does, but there is a simple beauty to be found in putting pen to paper and offloading your thoughts.Think of it as free therapy! Get it off your chest, write it down and go about your day feeling lighter and happier. Self-reflective journalling is a super effective way to combat stress; evaluating your feelings, your energy, your behaviours and how you day went might help you find something you didn’t know was adding to your stress that you can easily eliminate. By becoming conscious and self-aware, navigating and relieving your stress becomes that little bit easier. 

Journals for starting out:

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Talk to your bestie 

This is probably the one we all know how to do. However, I’m not telling you to go to bestie Morgan’s room next door and vent to her about all your dilemmas; this will only reaffirm your struggles and cement your negativity energy and stress. Hanging out with friends might for 1) put your stress into perspective, 2) help calm your anxiety levels, and 3) help you realise everything is going to be OK. Turn your stressful thoughts into positive conversations and activities with friends and your stress will hopefully start to dissipate. 

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