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24th October 2021

The Vegan Student: Fairs, eating out and everyday life

At the start of the year, it seemed like everyone I knew was giving ‘Veganuary’ a go. While some were more successful than others, the growth of Veganism over the last few years is undeniably impressive. I gave Veganuary a decent attempt, and some of the substitutes I made are still part of my diet today. I will never go back to non-vegan sausage rolls! However, it seems that maintaining this diet as a student is easier said than done, with it being difficult to cater to the student budget 24/7. Liverpool has so much to offer the vegan community, from restaurants and supermarkets, to a vegan fair coming to Lark Lane! With this in mind, we thought we’d share our guide on incorporating veganism into student life.

The Live a Better Life Mini Vegan Fair

The return of the Live a Better Life Mini Vegan Fair to Lark Lane next month is cause for excitement for everyone, not just the vegans amongst us. The fair is set to take place in The Old Police Station on Lark Lane on the 13th November. Visitors will be able to seek advice on vegan life, while browsing all the lush food on off at the fair’s 30 stalls. This is only the second year Lark Lane will be hosting the vegan fair, although the Live a Better Life fairs have been running in Liverpool for almost 10 years, since 2013.

The fair’s Event Manager, Emma Cox, explains how, “interest in veganism is higher than ever in 2021”. She goes on to add that, “there are already a growing number of people in Liverpool who are vegan, vegetarian or on their way to a plant-based diet.” With this in mind, she describes the fair as, “ideal for people to find more delicious food and inspiration.”

The Live A Better Life Mini Vegan Fair runs from 10am to 4pm on the 13th November, and entry is £1, with under 10s going free. 

Image credit: Live a Better Life Vegan Fair Liverpool

Advice for getting into a vegan lifestyle

If you’re starting out with veganism, it might seem intimidating to go from eating meat and dairy to not. With this in mind, one of our Publishing Chairs, Liv, shared her advice about starting the switch. She explains that trying to eat completely vegan is harder than you think because it’s not as simple as just eating vegetables 24/7!

Explaining the food shop of a vegan, Liv describes how, “you walk out super proud and happy you are saving the planet and saving your bank account and then you have to get all the condiments to make those veggies taste good”. Don’t worry though, as she recommends Mattas International Foods on Bold Street. Here, you can stock up on all those vegan extras, while also getting student discount!

Image Credit: Wendy Wei from Pexels

Liv recommends Joe and the Juice’s ‘Vavo’, which is their vegan avocado sandwich, along with their various juices. Another of her favourites is Organico on Bold Street, a vegetarian/vegan juice bar and eatery. If it’s a takeaway you’re looking for, then Liv suggests Bundobust for their Indian street food. Perfect for indulging yourself on a Sunday! The Nakery on Berry Street is another of Liv’s go-to places, for their raw vegan treats – being vegan doesn’t mean you have to leave behind cakes and sweet treats!

Other vegan spots in Liverpool

We are so lucky with the vast culinary culture here in Liverpool. As well as the classic chain restaurants, such as Wagamama’s and Nando’s, we have loads of independent businesses to try out. If you’re looking to branch out into veganism, while also supporting small, local businesses, why not try some of the following eateries in Liverpool.

Veggie Republic

Veggie Republic is a completely vegan restaurant on Cook Street, serving food from a variety of different cuisines. If your friends are notorious for being undecisive when choosing where to eat, Veggie Republic is ideal. The menu is split into Mediterranean, Pan Asian, Middle Eastern, Pan American and Indian, so there is something for every taste. So, if you’re fancying Salt n Pepper Tofu, but your mate really wants a Gyro, then you’re sorted with Veggie Republic! Check out the rest of their menu here.

Image credit: Annabelle Kaye

Glass Onion

Inspired by the Beatles song, Glass Onion describes itself as a ‘veggie/vegan café striving towards zero waste’ on Deliveroo. Located on Allerton Road (a short walk from Smithdown), The Glass Onion offers a range of vegan/veggie breakfasts, lunch and snacks. The café sells various cakes and desserts, which would make the perfect snack with one of their coffees during a well-deserved revision break!

The Vibe

A plant-based café on Paradise Street, The Vibe should be your new go-to for a vegan breakfast. From their revolutionary Veggs Benny, to a more basic Avo on Toast, The Vibe covers everything to get your day off to a good start! Even better, The Vibe is a Wholefoods café, with the aim of serving ‘a food experience for the mind, body and soul’. What more could you ask for? The Vibe also serves lunch, as well as a huge variety of smoothies and hot and cold drinks. You can browse the rest of their menu here.

Image credit: Annabelle Kaye

Planet Vegan

Planet Vegan is an American inspired diner with a completely vegan menu, recently opened on Lark Lane. The menu consists of burgers, loaded fries and subs, as well as vegan Mr Whippy ice cream! Who would’ve thought? The diner is ideal to satisfy fast food cravings during a hangover day and a short walk through Sefton Park to freshen you up.

If you’re new to Liverpool and wanting to give veganism a go, hopefully we’ve helped to inspire you on where to eat and shop during your time at university. Also, don’t forget to check the Live a Better Life Mini Vegan Fair out on the 13th November for further tips, and the opportunity to explore the vegan stalls!

Feature image credit: Taryn Elliott from Pexels