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4th May 2021

Treaty Pie | Review

Who can resist a sweet treat? Whether it’s a brownie to snack on whilst finishing an assignment or a waffle and a shake just because. Treaty Pie sell a variety of treats to fulfil your cravings – cookies, cheesecake jars, shakes, waffles and cakes – which can be ordered to anywhere within their delivery radius. So, whether it is your home, university or work you can enjoy a tasty treat!

About Treaty Pie:

It is a dessert delivery business based from their shop in Old Swan, Liverpool. They deliver cakes, shakes, American candy and much more. With over 39,000 followers on Instagram Treaty Pie is certainly a popular dessert place in the area. Here are some desserts that we tried:

Creme Egg Cookie:

I must admit that this cookie was my favourite. A delicious and soft milk chocolate cookie, generously wrapped around a Creme Egg, topped with a chocolate fried egg with a melt in your mouth Milky bar fudge ‘yolk’. Also, the generous portion was more than enough and for £3 what more could you ask for?

Create Your Own Brownie:

Warm, gooey and rich. Choose from over 25 toppings ranging from Kinder Bueno to Lotus Biscoff and even White Terry’s Chocolate Orange. There are also a variety of sauces and ice creams to choose from. So, Treaty Pie has you covered whether you prefer your dessert quite plain or with a range of different choices. This indulgent dessert arrived warm with a generous amount of toppings and enough chocolate sauce for every mouthful.

For the brownie itself it is £3.50 and for an extra £1 you can have whatever topping you fancy from the options. I paired it with some creamy vanilla ice cream for an extra £1.25 but why not have mint choc chip or caramel crunch instead?

White Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Jar:

One word: amazing! This dessert consisted of a glass jar filled with a buttery biscuit base with layers of Terry’s White Chocolate Orange creating an aesthetically pleasing look. Not to mention the irresistible creamy and airy filling. Grab your cheesecake jar for just £5.

Milky Bar Rainbow Cheesecake Jar:

Or, if you fancy something more vibrant then I would suggest the Milky Bar Rainbow Cheesecake (the same price). With the flavour of my favourite childhood chocolate it was pure delight in a jar.

Galaxy Cookie Dough Pie:

Sweet and soft comfort food. Cookie dough is one of the best treats to have and topped with Galaxy Chocolate that’s just as mouth watering; who could resist? Treaty Pie did not disappoint with a portion that was more than generous again. You can pick from a range of toppings that are similar to the choices for the brownies. Starting at £3.50 this little sweet treat is an ideal midweek treat to get through the stress of Uni or a wonderful weekend treat!

Contact Details:

Instagram ~ @treatypieuk

Twitter ~ @treatypieuk

Facebook ~ treatypieuk

Website ~


Phone: 07548274520.

Opening times : 6.30-11pm Mon-Fri. 6pm-12am Sat and 6-11pm Sun.

I promise you won’t regret it.

A Final Comment

Well, what are you waiting for? Why read about it when you can try it for yourself? There is something for everyone.

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Feature Image Credit: Unsplash