On Campus

20th April 2021

Summer Term Events Programme (STEP)- Week One

Throughout this Summer term, students at the University of Liverpool will be able to attend and get involved with a range of activities and events put on by the University. Those on campus can take part in various in-person sessions, whilst those who are working from home can benefit from the online features of the programme. STEP is giving students a chance to safely connect with peers, the community and the campus.

Week One

The University kicked things off on 12th April, and this week has already seen a great array of opportunities available. Give it a Go sessions have been hosted since Monday, which saw a Campus Tour for those wanted to get to know the University home. This was followed by City Walking Tour on Tuesday to explore some of the highlights of Liverpool itself, as well as a Crafternoon session in the Guild. Wednesday saw a Green Guild Give it a Go session available, as attendees were given a virtual tour of Farm Urban’s sustainability plans and methods. This was in addition to a socially distanced sketching event and an opportunity to visit some of the museums in and around the Albert Dock. Students were able to attend a Nature and Wellbeing walk around Sefton Park on Thursday, before having a Netflix Movie Night with a Studio Ghibli classic, My Neighbour Totoro. To cap off a fun and eventful first week of Give it a Go events, Friday gave students a chance to explore the World Museum in Liverpool, as well as there being another City Walking Tour for those that missed the one earlier in the week.

However, Give it a Go sessions aren’t the only activities available through the STEP programme. There have been a range of Knowhow sessions for those off-campus and those who want academic support. This week has seen Webinars on Stats, referencing using Cite Them Right, essay planning and reflective writing. These have been great for students who perhaps want a break from their course content, but want to a bit of additional help in these areas.

In addition to this, Employability Activities have been aplenty, both online and in person. This has included speakers and events from those involved in Environmental Sciences (Grow your Future), Connect Health, the University of Law and Channel Four. These activities have been available alongside talks from experts such as Dr Paul Redmond about Presentation Giving and Communication Skills, as well as LIVUniPGT events for postgraduate taught students.

The University has also put on some more leisurely activities (on top of the Give it a Go sessions), including an Easter virtual quiz, a Harp performance from Bethan Griffiths as part of the Lunchtime Concert Series, and the opportunity to collect a Halls Life Activity pack.

Overall, the first week of STEP has been an ideal introduction to the steady and safe return of social activity. With all those events taking place over five days, its safe to say the next few weeks are going to be just as action-packed.

Coming up

Next week sees the start of the InspiredFutures2021 campaign, focusing on “positive stories about what’s happening out in industry, how businesses and roles are adapting, diversifying and coping with the challenges of the last year.” Give it a Go events continue with more tours, Crafternoons, and movies, as well as a herb pot planting lessons. Knowhow sessions continue, with report writing and literature reviews being addressed, and career talks and the Lunchtime Concert Series available too. For a full list of upcoming activities as part of STEP, head here or download the My Liverpool app. Keep an eye out next week for our next round up of STEP.

There are also a range of ongoing events as part of STEP, all of which can be found on the website or on the app. The programme runs until 7th May.

Feature Image Credit: University of Liverpool