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8th April 2021

The Time Has Come: Uni Gym Re-Opening

Brief Information

The University’s Sport and Fitness Centre is excited to be re-opening its doors on Monday 12th April in accordance with government guidelines after a long lockdown. 4 months have gone by since we have been able to step foot in the gym on campus (*sobs*) but within the next couple of days everyone will be able to get back on their grind for that summer bod. As exciting as this is, be sure to book your slot so you don’t miss out! Bookings are now being taken so book your slot here – https://sportsbookings.liv.ac.uk/stellar/common/scubaWebLogin.php?scubaAppName=stellar

Please check this link for an FAQ on how to stay safe while staying active –https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/sports/facilities/re-openinginformation/frequentlyaskedquestionsre-opening/#d.en.1210044

 My 6 Go-To Butt-Sculpting Moves

I hate to be the one to break it to you sis but summer is closer than you think and a bikini is soon going to become your default wardrobe item of choice. But look no further; to help get your workout grind on I have set out below some of my favourite workout moves to fire up those glutes and help you achieve that perky behind for the beach. I feel your pain if you’ve been trying to get Kylie Jenner’s shapely butt from home (don’t worry, we don’t all have surgeons on speed dial); but fear no more, this workout will help you rock the sh** out of hot girl summer and get you feeling bootylicious.

Side Note: Before jumping into your workout, remember glute activation is key. You have got to wake those glutes up to let them know you are about to kick their ass. Literally. Here are some basic activation moves to do for 5 minutes before you start your main workout.

  • resistance band crab walks
  • resistance band bodyweight squats
  • resistance band fire hydrants
  • resistance band donkey kickbacks

Back Squats

Image Credit: Unsplash

Back squats quickly became one of my favourite movements since it is super rewarding when you hit a new PB and can feel yourself getting stronger and being able to lift heavier weight over time. If you love competition, you’ll love smashing your goals with this exercise.

What you need: Squat rack, barbell, plates and a neck cushion. (Tip: To focus on your glutes place a resistance band just above your knees to force them outwards and enhance the engagement of the butt)

Reps: 8-12 reps (3 sets)

Romanian Split Squats

Image credit: Unsplash

Or another thing I like to call them, hell. Hitting your quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes, this exercise is a must. However, it will challenge your core strength and stability skills to keep you grounded and your form in tact, but be sure to include this killer exercise.

What you need: A bench, dumbbells or just bodyweight

Reps: 8-12 reps (3 sets)

Hip Thrusts

If I could choose one exercise to do for the rest of my life it would be the hip thrust. Yes, you may start to spasm after a few sets and yes it is pretty uncomfortable when the bar digs into the hips, but if you want that booty you gotta put in the work. Beauty is pain, right? I would recommend using a bar cushion to support this exercise though to make it less uncomfortable.

What you need: A bench, barbell, plates, hip pad for comfort, resistance band to optimise glute engagement

Reps: 10 reps (5 sets) – although there are multiple variations you can do with this. Eg: adding progressive overload but decreasing reps, or pausing at the top of each rep and holding

Donkey Kickbacks

You can perform this exercise with either a resistance band as shown above or use a cable machine with an ankle strap for heavier weight. This exercise is ultra beneficial since it isolates the biggest glute muscle – the gluteus maximus. On top of a rounder booty, this move is great for core engagement and stability so don’t skip this move!

What you need: Resistance band, bodyweight or gym cable machine with ankle strap

Reps: 12-16 reps (3 sets) – you can also pause at the top and squeeze!

Single-Leg Hip ThrustSo this is the exercise I tend to dread, but it is, unfortunately, key to growing that booty especially at home if you don’t have much gym equipment. Try to squeeze your glutes as much as you can at the top and focus on pushing your heel into the ground to maximal glute activation.

What you need: A bench, resistance band

Reps: 12-16 reps (3 sets)

Elevated Frog Pumps

Give your butt a non-surgical lift with this exercise where we are shifting the pain solely onto the glutes (sorry not sorry!) This unique setup allows for enhanced glute activation compared to the feet being on the floor and also mobilises your abductor muscles. I like to add this to the end of my workout for a finisher to set my glutes on fire.

What you need: A bench, resistance band

Reps: 16 reps (3 sets) and hold on the last rep of each set for 10 seconds for the extra burn