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29th March 2021

Easter Fun for You and Your Housemates

This time last year, we were only in our second week of lockdown. Remember the days when you could only leave the house once a day, you didn’t know when you’d next see your friends, and you’d probably never even worn a facemask before? This year, while we’re still not out of this mess, things are certainly starting to look better, with us being able to decide whether to visit home for the Easter break or stay in Liverpool for the three weeks. Whether you’re staying in Liverpool to help keep COVID rates down, protect a vulnerable family member, or simply to make up for lost time with your housemates, here at LGSM we’ve got plenty of activities for you to try with your house over the holiday. 

1.   Roast dinner

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In my opinion, nothing brings a group of house mates together quite like a roast dinner. With a bit of teamwork and allocation of the different dishes throughout the group you’ll have the perfect roast! Whether your speciality is the roasties, you know the perfect way to prep and season a roast chicken or you’d rather just take on the washing up afterwards, a roast dinner is a great way to spend some quality time cooking and eating all together. Also, when the cost is split between you all it is super cheap – ours usually cost £2-3 each!

2.   Picnic in the park

Photo by Paul Kim on Unsplash

Around Easter time last year, we were hit with a nice little heat wave to get us through the first few weeks of lockdown. Hopefully we’ll receive the same beautiful weather this April, meaning that you and your housemates can pack a picnic and head to one of Liverpool’s beautiful parks (or even the beach). Take inspiration from Pinterest and TikTok, why not bake an aesthetic cake, cut some strawberries into hearts, grab a meal deal and hit Sefton. Make sure to collect all your litter when you’re leaving the park, to keep the space nice for everyone else. 

3.   Easter egg hunt

Photo by Filip Baotić on Unsplash

A staple part of my Easter Sunday growing up was an Easter egg hunt around the house, so why not bring this tradition to student life? You and your housemates could nip to the shops and stock up on Easter treats to then hide around the house for each other. Why not do it almost secret Santa style, with each person having someone different in the house to hide treats for? This way it won’t end up a free-for-all rushing to see who can get the most chocolate! 

4.    Easter baking

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

At times like these, sometimes the best thing to do is bake. I know that’s been my motto so far for 2021! It seems like my whole ‘for you page’ on TikTok is now full of Easter bakes, especially using Mini Eggs. If there’s a couple of you in the house who enjoy to bake tasty treats, why not spend an afternoon in the kitchen together creating the ultimate Easter treats. You could even take it in turns to bake for your housemates who can then judge the snacks GBBO style. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out Jane’s Patisserie – her Mini Egg NYC cookies look delicious. 

5.    Visit the River of Light

Photo by Thor Alvis on Unsplash

If you’re looking for the perfect insta-worthy house trip out, then you should definitely check out the River of Light art installation at the Albert Dock, which is a 2km route of illuminated art. The installation is only there until the 5th April, so you should get down to the docks at your first opportunity to soak in the breath-taking display. While you’re there, why not pay a visit to one of the restaurants open for takeaway at the docks, such as Maray or Rosa’s Thai Café, amongst others, to support some local businesses. 

A final comment

Hopefully you and your housemates now have a jam-packed schedule for the Easter break so that you can all have a bit of relaxation away from the stress of uni-life. We all deserve a break and a chance to unwind after what already feels like a long semester. 

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Feature image credit: Unsplash