29th March 2021

3 Self-Growth Books To Get Your Life Together

Side Note: Let’s be real, nobody’s life is perfect but we all wish it was. Everyone has their own idea of what their ‘perfect reality’ looks like, but what if we actually set in motion the steps to get us there?! Think about that. Let’s fantasise and dream but also then, manifest and actually work with the universe to create your dream life. Truly, anything is possible. Pick up one of these books when you feel like your soul needs it; whether you’re going through a mid-life crisis or just need a little pep talk, these books will leave you feeling inspired. Don’t worry, it is totally cool if you’re turning to a book for some help, sometimes mum and best-friend Nicole don’t quite cut it.

Untamed, by Glennon Doyle

This book is so beautifully and courageously written and really grasps you from the first page and transports you inside Glennon’s life and her worldview. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s one of those books you want to keep close by just in times of personal crisis since this woman speaks words of absolute wisdom. As sad as it sounds, it’s like you’ve got agony aunt on the other end of the phone and she’s helping you keep your cool haha. Glennon makes you think back on your life, questioning your past “what ifs” and “maybes”, or when your head has said “yes” but your heart was screaming at you “NOOO!”. If this is resonating with you at all, then this book is unmissable. Untamed gave me a fresh perspective on life, grounded my soul and made me realise life is truly what you make it. You can live by your own rules, not those constructed for you by society or by your family, it is your reality, and you are the creator.

Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferriss

Ok, granted, this book is a MONSTROSITY. But trust me when I say that it is worth it. What looks like may take you a year to read, took me just around two weeks since I was picking it up little and often. Tim has interviewed many successful people and provides in short chapters, snippets of their tips and life hacks that you will be able to remember and apply directly to your life and routine. Some read this book and come back saying they feel ashamed and grossed out by their lack of successful habits, however, I read parts I thought would be useful to me, and easily digested the quick to the point routines of many. For example, Tony Robbins swears by cold therapy. Switching your shower to ice cold for the last 30-60 seconds of your morning scrub is powerful and yet so easy. There are multiple benefits of cold therapy like increasing blood circulation and relaxing muscle soreness, but I love this for simply guaranteeing that I will be looking less like a zombie before heading out the door in the morning. This book doesn’t have to be crazily overwhelming, and you don’t have to read it and think, “crap, I need to get my shit together” but rather, just take on board and adopt a few principles and feel better for it!

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, by John Gray

Ok I get it, this is so cliche and you’re probably thinking you’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s a game-changer. If you’re going through a tough breakup or dealing with some issues in your relationship just take a little read, you might actually be surprised. Girls, you know in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging when Georgia’s mum gives her this book after getting her heart broken by Robbie, what happens?! She becomes a badass and magically gets Robbie back and is happy as can be! Like, come on, if it worked for Georgia Nicolson in this iconic movie, then it must work for us too, right? 

I told my boyfriend to read this book and he had a lot to say about it after a huge two pages and then putting it down, disagreeing, feeling insulted, and as if his entire masculinity had been threatened. He still hasn’t read it but promises me “he will soon”. Sure. It has been a year. Yet not to be misunderstood; this book is equally weighted on men and women and not in the slightest way, critical or demeaning, it just simply helps the opposite sex learn and understand each other more. I think understand is the keyword here; men and women do seem like they are from completely opposite planets; with most arguments ending in “you’re being ridiculous” and a refusal to understand. Another issue seems to be that many women feel they want to connect with men on a deep emotional level and think that forcing them to sit down and watch ‘The Notebook’ is going to get them to open up and say, “Wow what a beautiful pure love they share, I’m going to start acting more like Noah and be the perfect man for you, honey!” Hell no, they painfully endure the movie so they don’t look like the bad guy, and tune out for the most part. Put it this way, getting a guy to watch a chic-flick with you, is like them making you lie underneath a car engine and change the oil. We’re not interested, and neither are they ladies. This book will show you how to co-operate and learn more about the way each sex works and might I dare say that your relationship may look a little more like Allie and Noah’s if you take heed of the advice Gray gives.  

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Mikołaj on Unsplash