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28th March 2021

The Best Easter Treats of 2021

It would be rude not to eat your body weight in chocolate at Easter, especially since we have to wait a whole 8 months before it is socially acceptable to do so again at Christmas time. So, we have rounded up the crème de la crème of the limited edition Easter treats for you to indulge in this year. From Lindt bunnies to bunny shaped crumpets – there’s a fantastic selection for you to enjoy!

Easter drinking game: take a shot every time bunnies are mentioned in this article.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

Imogen’s top pick (Food and Drink Editor & 2nd year English Literature and Communication and Media student):

No longer reserved as a Christmas treat, Terry’s Chocolate Orange launched these little eggs of goodness last Easter. If you, like I, managed to miss them last year then you are in for a treat! Classic mini eggs and Terry’s Chocolate Orange are two of my favourite chocolate treats. So, when combined I am one happy bunny (sorry, couldn’t resist!). The chocolate orange eggs are coated in a crispy shell which adds a new crunchy texture to the classic smooth taste of Terry’s Chocolate Orange. To make all of your Easter dreams come true pick up a bag from Asda where they are currently on offer for 75p! The queues to get into Smithdown Asda are going to be even longer now (oops!).

M&S Easter Bunny Crumpets

Daisy’s top pick (Food and Drink writer & 2nd year English Literature student):

If you are wanting a new breakfast treat over the Easter period, then the Easter Bunny Crumpets from M&S are for you! The crumpets can be topped with savoury or sweet spreads and they are only £1.25 for a pack of four. These cute crumpets are not only a breakfast food but are also a great revision snack if you have to study over the Easter break. These are an amazing hot cross bun alternative. They are almost too cute to eat…almost!

Now available at most M&S stores.

Malteser Bunny

Phoebe’s top pick (Food and Drink writer & 1st year English Language student):

Looking for a smaller alternative to an Easter egg? Then look no further, this Malteser Bunny isn’t just the perfect size for a quick treat but it is also the lighter way to enjoy chocolate. A milk chocolate bunny filled with the classic flavoured Malteser centre: creamy AND crunchy. It’s the perfect addition to any Easter egg hunt or even a hamper for loved ones. Each bunny is individually wrapped and is the perfect study snack if you are craving something sweet and for 50p, who could resist? 

Aldi Hot Cross Buns

Rosie’s top pick (Food and Drink writer & 2nd year English Literature and History student):

For those who love traditional Easter food, Aldi’s twist on a British classic could be right up your street. As part of their temporary range, Aldi has released over 10 different flavours of hot cross buns, starting from just 99p per pack. Both sweet and savoury are on offer, with chilli and cheese, rhubarb and custard, and salted caramel and belgian chocolate part of the selection. They even won the 2021 Good House Keeping award for Best Hot Cross Bun. Head to Aldi before the 4th April to sample one of these tasty treats.

Lindt Bunny

Saara’s top pick (Publishing Co-Chair & 2nd year History and Hispanic Studies student):

My favourite Easter treat is without a doubt the Lindt bunnies! From the golden foil to the little red ribbon and bell, everything about it just screams Easter to me! They are a bit pricey which is why I’m grateful Lindt has brought out smaller variants over the years. If you’ve had Lindt chocolate before then you’ll know that it is some of the most luxurious, gorgeous chocolate in the world (I mean what else would you expect from the Swiss!) and with the Lindt Gold Bunny it’s no exception! As soon as you unwrap the gold foil you’re greeted by some of the richest most delicious chocolate! 

I will say it does take a lot of willpower to not eat it though- I feel really guilty about eating a bunny!

A Final Comment

These treats are a fantastic reward during a study break; to find out the best snacks to boost your brain power click here. Here at LGSM we wish you a very Happy Easter! Enjoy your Easter break and all of the delicious Easter treats!

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Feature Image Credit: Pixaby