On Campus

19th March 2021

The Candidates Are In! Introducing Your Nominees For the 2021/22 Student Officer Elections!

After a virtual campus wide call, your nominees for the Student Officer Elections are in! We are pleased to announce that 19 nominees have put themselves forward to become a part of the 2021/21 Student Officer Team!

Your Nominees for the 2021/22 Student Officer Team Are:

  • Mitchell Burns-Jackson
  • Keenan Clough 
  • Greg Davies 
  • Imogen De Castro Gray 
  • Declan Doyle
  • Chloe Field 
  • Hafiz H. Barakzahi 
  • Maria Harper 
  • Ella Hatch 
  • Jamilia Kwajah-Ellimah 
  • Savannah Moss
  • Siva Narayana Byroju
  • Vasiliki Samuels 
  • Josie Sawtell Cousins 
  • Ruby Taj 
  • Ffion Thomas 
  • Liam Ward 
  • Bertie Woodcock
  • Muhammed Zumair

What’s Next? 

Keep an eye out on the Liverpool Guild of Students Instagram and Liverpool Guild of Students website for more information!

Did You Know?

Did you know that Liverpool Guild Student Media is the official media partner for the 2021/22 Student Officer Elections! Keep an eye on our “On Campus” section and Liverpool Guild Student Media Instagram for all the election tea!

Vote week for this year’s elections begins at 9AM on Monday 19th April 2021 and closes at 2PM on Friday 23rd April 2021.

The search is on! 

Feature Image Credit; Liverpool Guild of Students