15th March 2021

Olivia Rodrigo is still topping the charts!

Background to ‘Driver’s License’

Olivia Rodrigo, a former Disney star on ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’, recently released her viral hit ‘Driver’s License’ in January earlier this year. While it has been over two months since the teen has released the single, she is still owning the top of the charts and has been for nine consecutive weeks, making ‘Driver’s License’ the longest-reigning Number 1 single in two years!

The Drama Behind the Song

‘Driver’s License’ quickly blew up on TikTok and sparked drama over the back story to the song with speculation about her romantic connection with former HSM: TM: TS co-star Joshua Bassett. The song follows the heart-broken Rodrigo driving through a suburban neighbourhood after getting her driver’s license; whether this had anything to do with Bassett is still to be confirmed, frustrating fans! Undoubtedly, Olivia was very overwhelmed by the unexpected amount of support her song received, especially after Taylor Swift shouted out the young talent on Instagram, however, Rodrigo has still not commented upon the truth behind her song, keeping her personal life on the down-low since the release of her song. This is part of why the song still remains so popular since fans are left with unanswered desperate questions surrounding the rumours!

Feud over Bassett?

Despite Bassett and Rodrigo not releasing details, the lyrics subtly imply Bassett’s involvement. The following lyrics, “And you’re probably with that blonde girl / Who always made me doubt / She’s so much older than me” hints to the alleged love triangle between Olivia, Joshua and fellow HSM co-star, Sabrina Carpenter, who fans believe to be “that blonde girl” who is actually four years older than Olivia. Interestingly, after the success of ‘Driver’s License’, Sabrina also released her single ‘Skin’, which has been speculated to be in response to Olivia’s mentioning of her in ‘Driver’s License’. Therefore, the artists have given the allusion, whether purposefully or not we don’t know, that there was a feud between them over Bassett. The truth behind this alleged drama is yet to be found out since no parties have commented upon the speculation. Whether the rumours are totally false or the artists are enjoying thriving off the noise created by their new music, we are left in the dark, remaining so embarrassingly hung up on what is really going on behind closed doors.

Credit: Olivia Rodrigo VEVO via YouTube