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13th March 2021

Treason the Musical in Concert | Review

The latest online musical theatre production is a concert version of an upcoming new musical Treason. This is just the songs from the musical but it definitely leaves you wanting more and needing to see the full musical! The production is filmed at Cadogan Hall is being streamed over this weekend, with a stellar West End cast.

Remember, remember the 5th of November,
for its gunpowder, treason, and plot.
We’re here to tell you the rest of the tale,
the one that history books forgot.
Guy Fawkes remains an anonymous figure, 
we have more to bring to the table.
It’s time to meet the rest of the plotters,
in our fiery musical fable

The Creative Team

Treason the Musical has music and lyrics by Ricky Allan and a book by Allan and Kieran Lynn. It gives a great insight into a historical moment that everyone knows of but doesn’t necessarily know the full story. The concert is directed by Hannah Chissick who creates a dynamic and entertaining production, despite little staging. The lighting design for this concert is incredible, really bringing the piece to life. Treason also has a huge sounding orchestra with delightful orchestrations from Matthew Malone and musical supervision from Nick Pinchbeck.

The Cast

This concert version of Treason the Musical boasts a sensational ensemble of West End talent. Lucie Jones (Waitress, Legally Blonde, Eurovision) plays Martha Percy. Her vocals soar effortlessly and it is, as always, a delight to hear her sing, especially with these beautiful songs. Bradley Jaden (Les Miserables, Wicked) plays Thomas Percy, her husband, and one of the plotters. His voice is equally as wonderful and Jaden and Jones’ duets are just fantastic. Their voices work so well together.

Oliver Tompsett (& Juliet, Kinky Boots, Guys and Dolls) plays Robert Catesby and his vocals are incredibly powerful. He has a brilliantly commanding stage presence. The other plotters are Emmanuel Kojo (Show Boat, Oklahoma!) as Thomas Wintour and Waylon Jacobs (Peter Pan, Hamilton, Memphis) as John Wright. The harmonies amongst the male cast are just outstanding and a joy to listen to.

Sharon Rose (Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, Hamilton) as Eleanor Brooksby and Rebecca LaChance (School of Rock, Beautiful) as Anna Vaux are both great but they felt slightly underused. Their vocals were nevertheless wonderful, and the harmonies amongst the female cast were just as great as those amongst the male cast.

Daniel Boys (Nativity Rocks, Avenue Q, Falsettos) is exceptional as King James. He is very underused and I would have loved to see more from him but his voice is incredible. He hits some incredibly high notes flawlessly with ease. In addition, Cedric Neal (Chess, The View Upstairs, Songs for a New World) also gives a great performance as Earl of Northumberland but he is also quite underused and it would have been good to see him in more of the piece.

It was Debris Stevenson for me who stole the show as the Narrator. She has a fantastic intensity and I was completely drawn in by her throughout. Much of her narration comes in spoken word form and she delivers this exceptionally well and very clearly. She is definitely one to watch in the future!


Treason the Musical in Concert showcases what will inevitably be a brilliant and educational musical. It clearly has great potential and it is a joy to be able to see a musical in such an early stage of its development. It has been captured dynamically and is engaging to watch. At just 50 minutes long, it does feel a little short but it definitely leaves you wanting more.

Tickets for Treason the Musical can be purchased here. The concerts runs until Sunday 14th March. Be sure to get your tickets now and support this upcoming new musical!