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5th March 2021

Food and Drink Gift Guide | Mother’s Day

For the special person in your life who ALWAYS knows where your missing top is, puts embarrassing photos of you on Facebook and who never stops going on about how much food there is in the house since you moved to uni (is that just my mum?), a food and drink themed present is the perfect way to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day.

Here’s some affordable and thoughtful present ideas…

For The Chocoholic

Any chocolate lover will be impressed by their very own personalised Cadbury’s bar. This is a great way to show you care without spending tonnes of money.

To order a personalised Mother’s Day Cadbury’s bar (£4.99 including delivery) click here.

For The Tea and Biscuit Lover

Letterbox presents are the ideal option for the students who are away from home this Mother’s Day and are unable to show their appreciation in person.

Etsy seller, TreasuredForever11, offers a great variety of letterbox gifts ranging from tea and biscuit selections to chocolate treats at a reasonable price.

The personalised ‘Mother’s Day Tea and Biscuit Treat Box’ is £8.99 including delivery. In the box there’s a Mother’s Day cookie, 3 x Yorkshire Tea Bags, Border Biscuits and much more. You could have a brew and biscuit over zoom to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. To dunk, or not to dunk?

For The Downton Abbey Super Fan

For the mum’s who enjoy a sophisticated afternoon tea this letter box gift is sure to make them feel like part of the Crawley family for the day (if they imagine the scones were already made by the downstairs help, that is).

Order here for £6.50 (free delivery).

For The Gin Fanatic

Next here’s one for the gin-tastic (unoriginal, I know!) mums out there. SandyLeafFarm on Etsy sell a fabulous range of gin kits from gin infusion packs (starting from £7.99) to colour changing kits (also starting from £7.99). There’s something to suit every gin lover.

For The Cheesy Mum

If you’re looking for something a bit quirky to gift this year then look no further! Equally as great a present as the gin kits (in my opinion anyway), SandyLeafFarm also sell a Beginners Cheese Making Kit for £7.99. Furthermore, with the kit you can make mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, goat and mascarpone cheese (*adds to basket for self*).

A Final Comment

We hope this helps those last minute present buyers without breaking the bank (or spiralling you further into your overdraft!).

Feature Image Credit: Pixaby.

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