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11th February 2021

Galentine’s Day in Lockdown: How you and your girl gang can celebrate this weekend

In 2021 it can be easy to lose sight of the positives in life. It feels like we’re in the middle of a never-ending cold and lonely winter, and sometimes we can forget about the people who are there for us through thick and thin: the girls. Galentine’s Day on the 13th February is the perfect day to celebrate your friendships with the gals who make life just that little bit better. Last year we helped you to find inspiration for the best Galentine’s foodie adventures for your girl gang both in and out of the house. This year we’re just keeping it cosy with the best ways to spend Galentine’s Day in lockdown. 

If you’re living with your girl gang this lockdown, then there’s an infinite possibility of things you can do to celebrate Galentine’s. From a Come Dine With Me style dinner party, to a chick-flick marathon, we’ve got you covered! Similarly, if you’re miles away from your besties we’ve also got you sorted this weekend. 

Long distance love

A lot of us are missing our besties right now, whether it’s because they’re selfishly stuck at home instead of in your uni house, or because they go to a different university altogether then perhaps you could throw a virtual Galentine’s Day party on Zoom. Why not create a zoom quiz (remember them?!) and grab the gals for a boozy night of fun and games. For the quiz, you could base a round on each person in your group – get creative. You could ask questions about their hometown, family, degree subject, or literally anything about them! Later in the evening you could fire up Drunk Pirate and get the night going with some virtual drinking games. 

Fun with the flat

If you’re lucky enough to be locked down with your girl gang then there’s an endless number of ways for you to celebrate your friendships. Whether you fancy getting dressed up and turning the house into Concert Square, or would rather put on a fresh pair of pyjamas and watch chick flicks all weekend, we’ve definitely got something that all your house will want to get involved with. 

“Secret Galentine’s”

The traditional anonymity of having a Valentine is perhaps what makes the day so exciting, so what better way to enjoy this without the stress of having to actually find yourself a Valentine. This works just like secret Santa, pick a name out of hat and buy (or make) a Galentine’s card and a little gift for your person. Why not treat your lucky gal to a bunch of flowers and a cute handmade card? The more thoughtful the better! 

Even if you’re not locked down with your besties, then you can still surprise them with a card. Whether you’re posting across the country, or fancy turning up on their doorstep with a bouquet of flowers and some gossip for a socially distanced catchup, a gesture like this would make any friend feel appreciated.

Cocktail Night

Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash

One from last year’s list, you can never go wrong with a cocktail night! How about bringing it into the 20s by following some of the latest TikTok cocktail trends. Perhaps you and each of your girl squad could make a speciality drink for the group to try, and take it in turns to rate them – maybe even make them Galentine’s themed, for example by naming them after chick-flicks or female icons. Or you could try out one of the older trends that’s made a comeback in recent months – one massive cocktail! You know the one… fill a large box with various different alcohols, soft drinks and sweets, and then fill your cups throughout the night. Similarly, if drinking isn’t your thing you can join in by making mocktails of classic drinks!

Classy Come Dine with Me

For those who are craving a bit of sophistication this Galentine’s, why not hold a classy dinner party with your housemates? You could divide the responsibilities of each meal between yourselves to achieve the ultimate Michelin Star-worthy meal all together. Checkout out other articles for some inspiration on meal choices. Sitting down for a lengthy meal with your besties is a great way to finally get the whole house together and chat until you lose your voice! Like with the cocktails, you could make the meal Galentine’s themed with heart shaped foods and maybe even iconic chick-flick foods.

Galentine’s Day Chick-Flick Marathon

Photo by Corina Rainer on Unsplash

They’ve been mentioned constantly throughout this, but we had to give a whole activity to one of the biggest things that brings us gals together – iconic movies. A chick-flick marathon and a bottle of wine is the perfect cosy way to celebrate Galentine’s, perhaps you could each bring your favourite chick-flick and a snack inspired by that particular theme. For example, if you chose Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging (I know that would be my film), you could bring stuffed olives to share with everyone. A chick-flick marathon is the perfect way to forget your own relationship struggles by immersing yourself in the tragically relatable adventures of Georgia Nicholson and Bridget Jones. 

Reignite the Boyfriend Bonfire

Finishing up with another from last year’s suggestions, a boyfriend bonfire remains a perfectly legitimate way to celebrate Galentine’s with your besties. If you’ve all had a pretty underwhelming year love-wise, then take inspiration from Monica, Rachel and Phoebe! Hold your own metaphorical boyfriend bonfire to burn away any negative dating energy lingering from 2020. Obviously I’m not telling you to actually set fire to pictures of your ex, his gifts or even his possessions (that could get dangerous). Perhaps load everything into a big box in the middle of the room to bin ceremoniously with your gals. If you want to take full inspiration from Friends, order some pizzas, make margaritas and enjoy a good time with your besties.

So, instead of feeling sad about the lack of Galentine’s nights out, grab the gals (in your household of course) and show your appreciation for each other this weekend more than ever. Forget about all the silly little relationships that got you down in 2020, and propose a toast to each other this Galentine’s Day!

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Feature image: Unsplash