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26th November 2020

The Liverpool Guild Student Media Short Story Competition

With the current restrictions here in Liverpool and across the UK, understandably some students are struggling to find a focus or activity outside of their studies. We want to provide them with an option. Over the remainder of Lockdown and across the Christmas break, we at Liverpool Guild Student Media are offering an opportunity to any student, budding writer or not, to enter our short story competition. Keeping the mind active and creative through these times of confusion and uncertainty is crucial to staying healthy mentally and emotionally. With the chance of publication and prizes up for grabs, this is a great chance to not only test out your writing skills, but to not allow stress and boredom overwhelm you over the next couple of months.

The Details

Start date: Friday 27th November 2020

Deadline for submissions: Sunday 14th February 2021

Type of short story: Flash Fiction

Word Limit: 1000 words

Topic: Anything of your choice (fiction- but can be based on true events)

Submissions to: studentmedia@society.liverpoolguild.org (word.doc or pdf), with the subject stating ‘Short Story Competition: [your story title, your name]’

Judges: The panel consists of Chloe Field, the University of Liverpool Student Vice-President, Danny O’Connor, a lecturer in Creative Writing at UoL, Angus Watts, LGSM Publishing Co-Chair, and members of the Alumni, which will be revealed soon.

The Winners: The Top 5 stories will be published here on the Liverpool Guild Student Media website. They will also be read on either our TV or radio channels. There will also be prizes for 1st (£50 voucher of choice), 2nd (£25 voucher of choice) and 3rd place (£15 voucher of choice). Vouchers will be available to choose from Voucher Express.

Change – Submissions open until 14th February 2021

How it works

Students at the University of Liverpool are able to submit stories to studentmedia@society.liverpoolguild.org as a Word.doc or PDF. The story must be fiction, but can be based on true events, and consist of no more than 1000 words.

Once you have submitted your entry to Liverpool Guild Student Media, it will be judged by one of our panel, using a Judging Sheet. You will be marked out of 10 for the following aspects:

  • Beginning
  • Characterisation
  • Plot
  • Style
  • Mechanics (i.e. grammar, format, etc)

You will receive an overall mark out of 50, which will determine whether you made it onto the shortlist.

Shortlist and Prizes

The shortlist will consist of the top five stories, which will be critiqued and discussed by the judge panel and ranked against the others on the shortlist. If your story is in the shortlist, it will be published on the Liverpool Guild Student Media website for the public to read, as well as read on our TV/Radio streams. They will be published in descending order, so the firth placed story will be published first, and then the fourth, and so on.

The top three stories will be awarded prizes based on their ranking. 3rd place will receive a £15 voucher of choice, 2nd will receive a £25 voucher of choice, and 1st place will receive a £50 voucher of choice.

If you have any question regarding the competition, please do no hesitate to contact us: studentmedia@society.liverpoolguild.org.

Happy Writing!!

Feature Image Credit: Pixaby