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17th November 2020

5 UK Rap artists you should be listening to right now.

Looking for new Rap artist recommendations? Then here is a list of 5 rising artists in the UK rap scene. Despite the genre having prominence in the music scene, there is still an underground and underrated element to UK Rap music so, I wanted to share some. Whether you are new to the uk rap scene or you’re an avid listener, these songs prove versatile enough.


London born and raised, Knucks is the new standout on the scene. His song “Home” was my favourite song of 2019. His jazz inspired beats pour into ’90s Hip-hop nostalgia, reminiscent of “A Tribe Called Quest” and Nas (two favourites of mine). Hence, if you are a fan of jazz, jazz-hop or Lofi, Knucks is a great extension of that. But with his gritty and raw lyricism, he is able to keep to the UK sound. His new EP ‘London Class’ is definitely worth listening to as it proves to be an enjoyable and easy listen. Therefore, it is worth checking out his new MV ‘Standout’ which features ft. Loyle Carner & Venna below:

Source: Knucks; YouTube


Despite being relatively new to the music scene, I discovered the South East Londoner last week. However, her new song “Peng Black Girls” has made a lasting impression. The chill essence of the song accompanied by her smooth flow is impressive. In addition, it is the message of the song that struck me the most- that their ability to embrace all facets of traditions, culture and identity comes easily to them. Therefore, I found it quite empowering. Furthermore, if you are looking for laid back, easy going tunes, her songs are for you:

Source: EnnyVevo; YouTube


The single ‘Neighbourhood’ is one of my favourite tunes released this year. Rapping above a piano based beat, DC provides a refreshing and smooth perspective to rap whilst expressing his reality. As well as this, his socially conscious yet uplifting lyrics paired with his deep voice, sets him apart stylistically. Simple but effective. I recommend ‘Neighbourhood’ to avid uk rap listeners who want a contrasting take on the stylistic tropes of the genre:

Source: DC; YouTube


Versatile is one word that encapsulates Jevon’s artistry. If you’re looking for an artist that delves into R&B, pop and Hip-Hop, his discography is a good start. Equally important, what sets Jevon apart in the music scene is his ability to create a fresh take of genres we’ve heard many times before. His songs are nostalgic of the early 2000s fusion of Rap and R&B music that seeped into and took over the charts. For instance, the snappy beat sounds like an ode to the Neptunes and almost sounds like it could have been a part of the series of classics released by Snoop Dogg. Ft Pharrell. Recently, his song ‘Ghetto Cinderella’ has been on repeat and it’s a great song to dance to:

Source: Jevon; YouTube

Little Simz

Little Simz is a veteran in the rap scene being that, her first mixtape ‘STRATOSPHERE’ released in 2010. Despite this, I still believe she is somewhat underrated. Be that as it may, her consistency in putting out quality music is admirable. For instance, her development from grime into other genres such as, Hip-Hop, neo-soul and jazz etc. has further established her as a staple in Rap music. Also, her fast paced flow as well as her expressive, critical and emotive storytelling makes her unparalleled to anything you’ve ever heard before. Therefore, if you are looking for a contrastingly vibrant discography, check out her music below:

Source: Little Simz; YouTube