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6th October 2020

The Best Food & Drink Spots in Liverpool | Student Style

First of all, a massive welcome to Liverpool! 

Moving to uni is probably one of the most exciting times of your life so far. 

A new city, new people and new places to eat and drink at. Okay… by far the most exciting time of your life!

LGSM has made a round up of all the best places to eat, drink and have a night to remember (or not!), as a student in the best city in the world.

We’re not biased at all.

The best places when you’re skint

Let’s face it, the reality is that you’ll be skint the majority of the time.

However, there’s still so many places to enjoy on a budget and make your uni experience the best it can be.

The Font (The Font, 1 Arrad St, Liverpool L7 7JE)

My personal favourite for cheap booze and food is The Font opposite the cathedral on campus.

With retro arcade machines, board games and Mario Kart, The Font is one of the best student-friendly pubs in Liverpool.

You’re spoilt for choice with the diverse menu including burgers, loaded fries and fajitas.

A £3.00 pina colada is sure to break the ice between you and your flatmates! Five shots for £7.50 is an offer you just can’t refuse (but you may wish you had the next day). 

Image Credit: Author – ‘Drive Thru’ loaded fries (£5)

Every Thursday there’s a pub quiz which always guarantees a fun night and some slightly bizarre prizes such as toilet roll for the runners up!

If you’re not already planning a trip to The Font in your flat group chat, maybe this will sway you.

If you download ‘The Dough and Font Rewards’ app you can earn points on food and drink, so you can go enjoy even more food and drink but on the house instead!

I can guarantee the loaded fries will taste even better when they are free.

And, no I haven’t been paid to write this glowing review.

However, if The Font fancy supplying free salt and pepper chips (my favourite dish) for the foreseeable future, I would be one very happy skint student.

Crazy Pedro’s (25 Parr St, Liverpool L1 4JN)

Crazy Pedro’s is a must visit in Liverpool. Offering cool vibes with funky neon signs, frozen (and cooked) margaritas and even cooler (sometimes weird) pizza toppings to enjoy inside or on the rooftop social area. 

There’s something for everyone at this pizza parlour/ bar. At the moment, there’s four vegetarian pizza options and two vegan ones. 

If you’re a big fish and chips fan you’re in for a treat. The ‘chippy tea’ pizza consists of sausage, chips, mushy peas and curry sauce all topped on a delicious pizza base. 

You may want to play it safe with the classic margherita. 

Or if you fancy trying as many different toppings as you can possibly eat then you can mix and match your pizza slices! 

Take advantage of the lunchtime offer (12pm-3pm), £5 for two pizza slices and a soft drink.

Head over between 5pm and 9pm Sunday to Friday for 2-4-1 cocktails, £2 pizza slices and £10 pizzas. 

Usually open from 12am till 4am, in post corona times you can look forward to partying the night away at Liverpool’s best pizza bar!

However, for the time being you can still enjoy delicious pizza and banging cocktails under the 10pm curfew.

The best places when you’re feeling boujee

Alternatively, they’ll be times when you want a break from the ready meals and cheap Aldi wine that us student’s become so well accustomed to.

It may be someone’s birthday or you’ve got some spare money left over at the end of the month.  C’mon, you’ve got to treat yo’self every now and then!

The Florist (24 Hardman St, Liverpool L1 9AX)

The Florist is a floral dream, everywhere you look there’s pretty floral decor that’s worthy of a spot on your insta story. The flower wall is the perfect backdrop for a pic with your pals – cocktail in hand of course!

The food is out of this world and certainly worth spending a few extra pennies on. The Florist puts a spin on classic dishes such as salt and pepper battered cod and chips (£12.95).

Main courses start from £9.95 (salad with sweet chilli sauce, rice noodles and bang bang cauliflower) and the famous hanging kebabs start from £12.50.

I can’t feature The Florist and not talk about the amazing drinks selection.

The drinks are equally as beautiful as the interior, decorated with dried flower petals, the attention to detail is certainly impressive! ‘Rhubarb in Bloom’ (£7.95) and ‘Electric Daiquiri’ (£7.95)  are just two of the exciting cocktails on offer.

So get yourself dressed up and enjoy luxury for one night only – before you go back to your joggers and pot noodle lifestyle the next day!

Neighbourhood (62 Castle St, Liverpool L2 7LQ)

Neighbourhood is the ultimate instagram dream. 

With a gorgeous interior boasting neon signs, high Victorian style ceilings and pink sofas, you’re going to be feeling very, very boujee indeed. 

Grab one of their cocktails starting at £8.50 or head down on a Thursday for a £30.00 unlimited drinks package. 

The food is an interesting fuse of American dishes and European, ranging from ‘Beef Tataki Sushi Rolls’ (£8.50) to ‘Southern Fried Chicken Dinner’ (£13.00).

Neighbourhood is a must visit on LGSM’s guide to the best food and drink spots!

The best places for a fun filled night

NQ64 (22 Colquitt St, Liverpool L1 4DE)

Located in the heart of Liverpool, this underground arcade bar is a guaranteed night of quality entertainment. 

Step back in time with the retro arcade games, classic consoles and video game themed cocktails and sodas. With (as described on their website) ‘an ever changing list of beer available’, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

The game machines work on a token system, £5 for 15 tokens. 

So, if playing Fifa in your room is getting a bit of a bore, NQ64 is a great place to spend an evening!

Roxy Ball Room

Roxy Ball Room is such a popular venue that there’s two of them in Liverpool! With one being located at 8, 8a Rainford Square, Liverpool L2 6PX and the other on 26 College Lane, Liverpool L1 3DS.

This fun filled venue offers pool tables (£12p/h), ping pong tables (£12p/h), shuffleboards (£12p/h) and the only full size bowling lanes in the city (£8 per person per game).

You can enjoy the Liverpool match whilst thrashing your mate at ping pong as there’s plenty of TV’s throughout the venue showing every live event!

The social atmosphere along with the cool rock and indie soundtrack set you up for a great time before you’ve even seen the food and drinks on offer!

Mouthwatering American inspired food including loaded nachos starting from £5, pizza starting at £7 and burgers £12.50 will give you the energy to win the shuffle-boarding tournament.

Is bowling leaving you thirsty? The extensive drinks menu has got you covered.

With gaming inspired cocktails such as ‘Ping Star Martini’ (£7.50 each) and up to 18 draught beer lines you may find yourself stumbling down the bowling lane towards the end of the night.

The best places to grab food on campus

Fitting in time for lunch between a full on uni timetable can be hard, especially when you’re on budget!

You don’t have to eat out every day. To save money make some lunch at your accommodation and bring it into uni (there’s a microwave in the Guild Shop). You could make salads, pasta, sandwiches etc. Last year I ate out once a week for lunch as a treat (when I could afford it, that is).

There’s tonnes of choice on campus for lunch. Join the University of Liverpool Loyalty Plus scheme to earn loyalty points and receive discounts when you spend money in campus cafes and bars.


Courtyard is the central space on campus where you can socialise, study and eat. Located on the ground floor in the Guild of Students, Courtyard is a welcoming and bright space to relax and recharge.

It’s a right of passage that you must try the burritos during your time at Liverpool uni, they are legendary!

Follow this link to watch the making of the unbeatable Courtyard burrito…

With the Loyalty Plus card you can get your 10th burrito free.

You’ve skipped breakfast but find yourself with some time to spare before your day begins? The Courtyard has got you covered with the £2.00 breakfast barm and hot drink deal.

The Sphinx Bar

The Sphinx is the student union bar on campus, with a cosy and relaxed vibe (shown in the feature image).

Image Credit: Instagram – pizza topped fries and pulled pork loaded fries

Head down for some insane dishes including halloumi fries (£4.50), pizza topped fries (£4.00) and vegan nuggets (£3.75).

Wash these down with deals such as a double gin for £5 or a pint of Carling for £3.00.

The best bit is, you don’t have far to walk to your afternoon workshop after a lunch at The Sphinx if you’ve stuffed yourself full with loaded fries goodness!

Quick bites

If you’re just wanting a quick bite there’s a few places on Brownlow Hill that are sure to satisfy your lunchtime craving…

  • Greggs
  • Costa
  • Subway
  • Tesco Express

A final word

Keep an eye out for student discount and promotional offers to make your loan last longer than the first week!

For £2 a month Independent Liverpool offers an app which unlocks deals at over 100 of Liverpool’s independent restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs.

Make sure you check beforehand whether you will need to book a table with the COVID measurements.

Most importantly, we here at LGSM wish you the best year of tasty food, banging drinks and amazing memories.

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