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29th September 2020

Introducing Our Student Officers

Behind the scenes at the Guild, are our four lovely Student Officers, who work hard day after day on our behalf! In this interview, we catch up with and introduce our four officers for 2020/21; Adnan, Imogen, Ffion and Chloe!

First things first, how about a virtual introduction! What’s your name, where are you from and what did you study?

Adnan–  I’m from Birmingham and I studied History.

Imogen– Hiya, I’m Imogen, I am half Brazilian half English but I grew up in Dubai. I’ve also just graduated from my Law degree. 

Ffion– Hello, I’m Ffion. I’m from North Wales and I recently graduated with a degree in History and Sociology.

Chloe–  Hi I‘m Chloe, I’m from Derby and I have just graduated with a Politics degree.

Are you bingeing or listening to anything interesting at the moment?

Adnan–  I have been re-watching People Just do Nothing. Quality show.

Imogen– I’ve been watching the new season of Wentworth and I am going to start Ratched, but I’ve not been fixed to a show since I saw POSE (I mean try to do better).

Ffion– Lately I re-watched the three series of The Young Offenders, which I would highly recommend!

Chloe– I’m always re-watching Parks and Recreation.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourselves

Adnan–  I have met a lot of football managers, of which include, Jurgen Klopp, José Mourinho, Sean Dyche and David Moyes.

Imogen– My parents live in the Caribbean so I luckily get to visit once a year. It’s stunning!

Ffion– I speak Welsh as my first language!

Chloe– My great grandad helped me make the first Batman costume

What was the main reason and motivation behind you running for the Student Officer role?

Adnan– I decided to re run because I enjoyed being in the role and really wanted to give it another go, motivated for the year!

Imogen– I ran because I wanted to help make a difference to the student body.

Ffion– I was inspired by the Student Leadership Conference, and wanted to challenge myself to run. Based on my experiences as a student, I wanted to fix those issues to benefit students in the future.

Chloe– I decided to run because I thought it would be a rewarding role to take on and would give me a chance to make change in the University. 

What’s it been like for you all to start the role virtually?

Adnan–  It’s tough – I think I have said ”you’re on mute” far too many times 😂

Imogen– I never want to look at a screen again. 

Ffion– I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting stuck into the role and all that it entails!

Chloe– It has been difficult, especially working from home is hard when your bed is just a metre away from you!

What’s the best thing about living and studying in Liverpool?

Adnan–  Liverpool has a great park called Sefton Park. Going there with your mates after a long day is great.

Imogen– It’s such a student city and everyone’s typically really friendly. The drinks are cheap too which helps.

Ffion– I’ve loved getting involved with Guild’s societies. There’s over 200, so plenty of choice for everyone. I’ve honestly found the Societies I interacted with so fun, and have made friends for life!
Chloe- The nightlife is so diverse and vibrant, there’s literally a night out for everyone!

Chloe– The nightlife is so diverse and vibrant, there’s literally a night out for everyone!

This year has definitely been a year of impact and change, what are your main aims and priorities for the year ahead? 

Adnan–  My main aims are, to get an alternative cheaper gym membership, drug harm reduction, advocate for racial equality, improve disability support, MyTickets for students and to lobby for an alternative to Circuit Laundry.

Imogen– I am working on quite a few things but my main priorities include tackling student safety and sexual assault, working on LGBTQ+ and race equality, as well as improving the mental health services by extending support hours and improving their cultural competence and transparency.

Ffion– Firstly, I’m focusing on reforming the module selection process. Also, I’m working on reducing the cost of the gym. Mental health support is another focus of mine, especially the Counselling service. Finally, I’m working on a few Guild impact issues, such as improving experiences for societies.

Chloe– I am going to be working on introducing drug purity testing kits in the Guild, providing increased support for victims of sexual assault and also aiming to start a part-time job searching scheme.

Finally, do you have any advice for our incoming freshers as well as the current UoL student body?

Adnan–  To have fun, in a safe way, and enjoy it! Student life is great. And if you get stuck, help is available at the Guild. 

Imogen– Take care of yourselves and each other, especially with COVID. Make sure to look after your wellbeing and reach out if you aren’t okay. 

Ffion– Get stuck in, especially with making friends and engaging with online events or societies! Look after yourself, and try not to worry too much about things outside of your control.

Chloe– Don’t put pressure on yourself to always have a good time or have tonnes of friends! It’s totally normal to have nights to yourself just to chill.

Want to know more? 

If you want to know more about our officers and their work and policies be sure to check out the Liverpool Guild of Students Website!

Feature Image Credit; Liverpool Guild of Students Instagram