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29th September 2020

A Society for Everyone

The academic year of 2020/2021 without doubt is going to an unpredictable one. Students around the country, and in fact all over the world, are embarking on an adventure where there is no storyline. There may be a beginning, middle and end to each person’s journey this year, but we are in the midst of something so bewildering and so abnormal, that we cannot envisage the end product of the next nine or ten months. For students coming to the University of Liverpool this year, it is no different. Whether you are starting here for your first time, coming back to continue your studies, or even entering your final year, your experiences are going to different to what you have known before. But trust me, it is going to be incredible.

Even if you can’t spend Freshers’ Week exploring dance floors in Level on Concert Square, if you can’t go out to see your favourite band rock one of the multiple venues in the city centre, and if you can’t watch Liverpool or Everton in packed out crowds at the weekend, I assure you that there is more to this city and to this University than that. You have an opportunity this year, in a period where social interaction seems so limited, to get stuck into University life, meet new people, and make sure your story has the best ending possible.

One of the great things about the University of Liverpool is the extensive list of societies and clubs that you can join, which bolsters your University experience and social contact. Of course, this year, these societies are understandably limited in terms of the activities they can organise, but having spoken to a large number of them, it seems they have some brilliant alternative plans for activities and social occasions. We have decided that, due to the lack of a physical Freshers’ Fair, we will give you an insight into some of the societies that you can join this year and how to get involved. We reached out to every society, and below there is a little description of every group that wanted the opportunity. For a full list of societies, head to the Liverpool Guild website. For contact information on the societies included below, click on their heading to be taken to their page on the Guild website.

Celebrating Culture

The Latin American Society

“¡Hola! | Olá! | Salut! 

The Latin American Society brings together the diverse community of Latin American students at the University of Liverpool and encourages students from other regions of the world to connect with Latin America’s vibrant energy. 
The society provides a platform in which Latin American culture can be explored by hosting a range of social and cultural events related to cinema, dance, languages (Spanish, Portuguese and French), Latin American cuisine, music, and theatre. 

As a new society going into our first year running, we are really excited to see all students who share our love for Latin America. We can’t wait to meet you!”

Liverpool Arab Society

Image Credit: Arab Society

The Arab society mainly aims to bring all the Arabs of the university of Liverpool together to create our own community here in Liverpool. We are also very keen on having non-Arabs and people from all ethnicities and religious background, as we would love to introduce them to our culture, lifestyle, and get them to meet Arabs from different countries which will enhance their knowledge about our diverse cultures. During these challenging times, it may seem slightly more difficult to gather our members and hold events as we usually would, but there is nothing that a darbouka and some kunafe can’t fix. Our semester plans consist of a variety of virtual events, competitions and we are hoping to organize small group outdoor events. Simply, our aim is to be seen as second home for all Arabs and non-Arabs. We believe that a strong community needs to be created with diversity at its core, and strengthened by the beautiful harmony between different cultures. 

We hope to engage our members in social events that will empower them to create new friends, share experiences, and embrace different opinions. We also offer Arabic language lessons to whoever is interested and are aiming to host football friendlies in order to promote exercise and help build stronger relationships between members through activities. Together with all the members we create the best memories away from home and a bond that would leave a lovely impact on our university experiences

Ghanaian Society

UOL Ghanaian society is one of a few African societies available to students at the University of Liverpool. Since its establishment, the society has celebrated rich Ghanaian culture with students from a variety of course backgrounds across the university. 

The society portrays Ghanaian traditions through various events. As the 2020-2021 committee, we are looking forward to making this semester and year the best the society has ever witnessed, with various activities such as well-structured quizzes, which will help our members gain more knowledge about Ghanaian culture. Members will also be given Twi (a local Ghanaian dialect) lessons on various topics, including greetings, families and relationships and famous Africans. In terms of future plans, we are looking forward to expanding our member base by providing the opportunity for students studying at any Liverpool institution to join the society. 

As a society, we are keen on making sure all the opinions of our members are taken into consideration, hence members will be given the platform to decide on which other activities they feel will be of importance and fun. 

For all individuals who are interested in Ghanaian heritage, culture as well as its norms and values, this is the place for you during your time here in Liverpool.

Affecting Change

Menstrual Education Society

MES is a society that aims to highlight period dynamics and increase awareness on period poverty, which we hope to do by delivering lessons to boys and girls educating them on period health, in order to abolish the taboo surrounding periods. This year we plan to carry on with our lessons by digitalising them into content that can be presented via zoom or any other platform. Despite the current Covid-19 crisis, we had to amend our lessons but we still aim to fulfil our goal for this year. If we get a chance to get back into schools, we can deliver the lessons in person and make them more interactive. Join our society to get the change to be part of something great, to abolish the stigma behind periods, and raise awareness on period poverty!! We plan to hold great events and always welcome any new ideas from members. 

Labour Society

Image Credit: Labour Society

We are a Socialist Labour club here at the University of Liverpool. Join us for Socialism, Solidarity and socials. We will be having guest speakers from the Labour movement. It is vital that there is strong student support for campaigns on campus. We will always support trade unions disputes across the university and the city. Furthermore, creating a strong base of solidarity between young people and students across the university and city is vital to ensure that everybody is offered the best conditions to work and learn in. Here at Labour Students this is what we aim to do. 

Help the Homeless Society 

Our society is all about helping homeless individuals in Liverpool and we do this through ideas such as sandwich deliveries. However, our notion of ‘homelessness’ is far more widespread than just Liverpool- we also fundraise for refugees, and recently some team members have contributed by eating the same food as refugees for a week and raising a cracking £1,000 so far! As a whole, we seek to help the most vulnerable in societies in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible to us. Due to covid semester 1 will be a quite different, with more online activities, but don’t fret as we have some amazing activities planned such as online charity gig nights, panel talks from refugee women connect, sessions on how to help the homeless from home and much more! You should join us if you would like to give to those less fortunate whilst being a student, especially in extreme times such as these where more people are finding themselves faced with homelessness. We are a society that encourage and support charities and projects brought to our attention so please get involved! We hope to see you soon! 

Feminist Society

Image Credit: Feminist Society

Our society focuses on education, fundraising and campaigning. We aim to create a safe space where people can come along to meet new people and get involved in activism! Our plans for semester one include an introductory zoom call on the 1st October where we will introduce the new committee and talk about plans for the year. We will be hosting our events online and plan on getting some guest speakers to do talks over zoom, these will hopefully be as popular as our in-person events last year! We also want to run a book club where members can share their recommendations of books and articles, this will be done through our social media pages. Everyone is welcome to join our society, it is a great place to meet a group of likeminded people and hopefully make lasting friendships. It doesn’t matter if you already call yourself a feminist, or are just keen to find out more, we want to create a relaxed educational space where people can learn and discover a new passion!

Performing Arts

Liverpool University Drama Society (LUDS)

Image Credit: LUDS

We are a large society that covers every area of performing arts, from acting to writing and directing- we have opportunities for people to get involved in every stage of putting on a play, as well as opportunities for comedy, original writing showcases, workshops and community events! During Welcome Week we will be hosting a call with an FAQ and a quiz! Throughout semester 1 we plan to film regular interviews with professional from the industry which we will post alongside challenges for members to get involved in, as well as offering the opportunity for members to get involved in and even host their own online events! LUDS is not only an incredibly broad society with tonnes of ways to get involved all year round, but also an amazing way of meeting new people- it’s a real community where you’ll make friends who’ll last your whole university experience and beyond.

University of Liverpool Dance Society

As University of Liverpool’s biggest dance society, we offer weekly classes in a variety of dance styles, which cater for all abilities. This includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Commercial street, Contemporary, heels, and Zumba. Classes are held by external dance teachers who are professionally trained. We have multiple opportunities to perform including two annual showcases which everyone in the dance society is encouraged to take part in. Our society extends beyond campus and is involved with other universities around the UK. We compete in several competitions and have our own dance teams who train weekly to compete. Don’t worry, we are also very sociable and host a variety of socials throughout the year including: club nights, bar crawls, meals, film nights as well as going on tour!

Image Credit: Dance Society

For both semesters, we aim to run a Covid friendly version of everything we do and will be following both university and government guidelines. Due to new government guidelines, we are going virtual for semester one. This will mean that classes by our amazing teachers will be run online. We are hoping to have a mix of face to face and online socials to get to know our current and new members and we also hope to continue our fundraising work online. We hope to return to a more face-to-face society in semester two but this will be dependent on the government/university guidelines. If you have a passion for dance, want to keep fit or you just want to be sociable and meet new people then the dance society is right for you. With the wide range of classes, socials and opportunity to perform there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Celebrating Faith

Liverpool Sikh Society

Image Credit: Sikh Society

The Liverpool Sikh Society is open to all students studying at any one of the Universities in the city of Liverpool. We are here for students to connect with Sikhism in whatever way is natural for them. Whilst holding several Sikh themed events we also place a strong social emphasis by arranging events such as bowling, ice skating and the classic Laser Tag match against Manchester Sikh Society. We also do our best in arranging charity events such as our annual shoe box appeal for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and we also work with homeless charities in the city. Our charitable campaigns are part of our Sewa (selfless service) with is very important in Sikhism.

There is no doubt that COVID has impacted all our lives greatly including what we as a society can deliver to our members. Having said that, we are committed to creating opportunities for students to connect with one another and meet new people. Some of our plans include a Zoom quiz including an online meet and greet event. We plan on collaborating on further Zoom events with other Sikh Societies across the country. Semester one will be challenging, but we aim to get students in touch with one another and build a community. We hope to plan face to face events when the Government and University guidelines allow us to do so. We encourage students to join our society to meet new people and make lifelong friends. Often going to university can be a daunting experience but by joining the Sikh Society you will have a supportive network to help you through your journey at Liverpool.

Liverpool Adventist Students on Campus

Hello, we the Liverpool Adventist Students on Campus (ASC) are sending a warm welcome to all the returning and new students. We are a Christian faith society who bases our beliefs solely on the Bible and aim to show the love of Christ to all. We strive to provide a support network and a home away from home to encourage each student at the university in their studies and social lives. Fortnightly, we catch up at Care Group and discuss relevant topics such as dealing with stress and deadlines, self-worth, relationships and priorities. We also like to have FUN! Socials, game nights, movie nights and cooking classes are frequently hosted. We know that university life can be hectic and challenging at times, so we hope to provide support and a way of escape to all. 

Christian Union

At the Christian Union, we want to give all students an opportunity to hear the Good News that Jesus Christ brings – that even though we’ve dragged this world into chaos, God wants to have a relationship with all people and give us life to the full. This fact means we’re a society where all are welcome no matter what your background is or where you come from, and you’re welcome whether you’ve been a Christian for years or if you see yourself as being as far away from a Christian as you could get – either way you can get to know our community and who we believe Jesus is. 

Image Credit: Christian Union

To start the year we’re going to have some events on, via Zoom, such as a welcome call and a games night, so you can get to know us and have some fun, and throughout the term more events will follow. Something more regular for everyone will be our Impact Groups, which will take place on Friday evenings over Zoom. (You’ll be able to find the link to sign up on our Facebook page). These are a great opportunity to get to know each other in smaller groups, have a laugh and read the Bible together.

Later in the year (around February time), we usually have an events week, which is always a highlight, where we have a couple of events on every day for five days, with a variety of speakers looking at some interesting topics. Plus, there’s usually plenty of free food! 

Whichever year you’re in and whatever this peculiar year ahead will look like for students, we’d love to welcome you at the Christian Union and for you to get stuck in to our community, where you can find some great friendships and get a unique uni experience. 

Kharis on Campus Liverpool (KOC Liverpool)

Image Credit: KOC

Kharis on Campus translates as ‘Grace on campus’ it is a zealous and passionate historical Christian society opened to all faiths and background. We aim to teach about the gospel in an unconventional way, with shadowing examples of great revivalists like William Tyndale an English scholar who risked his life to translate the bible from English to Latin. We will meet once a week to discuss the works of a chosen revivalist and relating it to the bible and how it can be applied currently.  We will be having activities like Kickback events which incorporates games, food and debate. In addition, we will be organising virtual evangelism to spread the gospel of God to all students. Kharis on campus will be a place where Christians and non-believers can fellowship and learn about Christianity in a different way by learning about the great works of other revivalist/saints and what they were able to accomplish. We believe it will be encouraging and empowering to study the great works that these revivals have accomplished it will be truly motivating for their Christian walk.


Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology Society (SSPC)

Image Credit: SSPC

Our society serves all students studying within the Social Justice department. We aim to connect all students with a range of academic and social activities such as our annual ball! SSPC was created to give our members the best student experience possible and welcome all students whether they are in the department or not! We have lots planned for this semester including virtual welcome events such as our zoom quiz!

Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology (SACE)

Although things are slightly different this year, SACE still have an abundance of exciting opportunities on offer to ALL undergraduate and postgraduate students. From online quizzes, to competitions, to expert advice from Careers and Employability to enhance your experience outside of academia, we have plenty planned for your arrival! Should government restrictions be alleviated throughout the year, SACE also have a variety of events organised for members to enjoy whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines. SACE are also elated to announce the new Amicitia Buddy Scheme, pairing new ACE students with continuing ones to support them and their needs throughout the first year of study. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Modern Languages Society

Welcome to the MODERN LANGUAGES SOCIETY! We are your go to society for socialising with fun, like-minded people who study Modern Languages. If you love travelling, learning new languages and meeting interesting people then you should sign up for FREE through the Guild website. In Welcome Week we are hosting a ‘Welcome to the Modern Languages Society: Around the World Quiz’ Zoom social with PRIZES TO BE WON!

Liverpool Life Sciences Society (LLSS)

Image Credit: LLSS

Liverpool Life Sciences Society is for all University of Liverpool Life science students (from Zoology to Anatomy, Biochemistry to bioveterinary and all that lies between). We aim to organise social events and bring together Life science students from all years.  We provide a community free of the stresses of university work with likeminded people and academic support, as well as exciting socials throughout the year! This year our socials will be online (but don’t worry we are planning to make them as exciting as we can). We are working hard to come up with innovative ways to create connections with other life sciences students. Life Sciences merch (such as hoodies) will also be available with the option to personalise according to your course! Meeting people within your department is a great way to help you through your degree. Life Sciences courses are hard! Being part of the Life Sciences community can provide support when you need it. The LLSS community is also a great way to take a break from studying and enjoy your uni life!

Liverpool University Commercial Awareness Society (LUCAS)

The Liverpool University Commercial Awareness Society is a brand new and exciting society on campus for the academic year 2020/21. You should join our society because our committee, just like you, all share the dream of landing graduate positions and training contracts in top corporate firms. One way we know how to do this, is by mastering the skill of commercial awareness! We plan to kick off semester one with a social, where you can meet our committee and other members and for us to showcase to you, all the exciting things we have planned this year. We want this society to be guided in the direction our members want. We plan to set a number of polls throughout the year for our members to decide what workshops and events we hold, with what firms and what topics within the financial and legal industries, we build our commercial awareness on. From conducting assessment centre-style workshops and case study exercises, to mock interview sessions with a focus on commercial awareness questions, we will be sure to invite very exciting guest speakers from top graduate employers, to help our members become confident with their commercial awareness. And, we don’t stop there! As a society member, you could become a commercial news blogger/editor! You will have an exciting opportunity to publish articles on the most recent, most exciting business affairs and trends, to our monthly commercial awareness newsletter. This will be a very impressive add to the CV!

English Society

Image Credit: English Society

We’re a society for students studying English – giving you guys a way to make course mates despite the fact that our subject has a super small amount of contact time. We aim to create a community where people can meet others with similar interests to them, and to put on fun events for you to spend time with others doing the same course as you! At the moment, we are coming up with some great online events for you so that especially first years can still make friends for life. Some of our events will be specifically aimed at first years, but we’re also going to put on some great things for everyone! Our book club will be running again this year, just online, so if you love reading for fun but never feel you have anyone to talk to about it, then come along! Get onto our social media to get regular updates on society activity, book recommendations and more!

Business Management Society

The Business Management Society is the largest Society on Campus, however it is more than that, we are a community: where Freshers meet some lifelong friends; where anyone can go to expand their network of future business leaders; the first place people go to ask how they can expand their comfort zone to get involved in a real University experience. From socials to support, we are here for you to make Your time in Your Business University experience more enjoyable and connecting. Taking into consideration the limitations posed due to Covid-19 – we would like to work on enhancing the transition of our members from a student to a professional, through guidance and advice on tools such as LinkedIn. We will also be looking to bring in some very prominent guest speakers so that all of our members can understand the significance, but more so the power students have when they reach out via this professional’s social media platform. 

However, our aim is to create an environment where you can meet course mates and build relationships to carry you out through the coming years that hopefully won’t consist of the same COVID measures. We will gather feedback to what you are wanting to see more/less of from ourselves and we ask for you to participate in this however much necessary to keep you involved within this community. In joining the BMS you are instantly part of a massive community who all share similar interests to you. The BMS is a particularly sociable society with events and new ways to make friends constantly. The BMS is also an amazing tool to help with any academic queries you may have about the course as we understand going to lecturers can be a bit daunting at first. On Monday 28th September at 6pm we will also be hosting a welcome talk with the whole committee! This is a great way to meet us all and loads of other freshers with similarities to you! All relevant information on how to sign up can be found on the guild website under “Give it a go session”.

Borderless Courses Society

Image Credit: Borderless Course Society

We are a welcoming, inclusive society, who’s main goal is to give students the chance to learn about other subject areas and meet people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Every week we do sharing sessions based on different topic areas to give you a taste of something new. Also, we will be having various socials for you to get involved in, such as quiz nights, movie nights and cooking sessions. Our first session of semester 1 will be the meet and greet where meet new people interested in learning new things and you might make friends too! Hope to see you soon at our first session- meet and greet!


Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear Hospital is an organisation that teaches school children about health and well-being, as well as encouraging them to interact with medical professionals so that they are more likely to have a positive experience if they need medical attention. The children bring their teddies along with them to the sessions, which are held in schools and extra-curricular groups such as Rainbows and Cubs, and the teddy bear doctors (our volunteers) ‘treat’ their teddies, as well as teaching them about things like healthy eating, the body, and hand washing. We are hoping to see if schools/extra-curricular groups would be interested in organising online zoom sessions to host our events for the children if sessions in person are unable to go ahead.

Image Credit: Teddy Bear Society

In the future, we would like to introduce a new station with a model mouth and toothbrush to teach children how to properly clean their teeth and the importance of this. This will also encourage dentists to get involved with the society which gives them opportunities to teach children. This society is a great way to gain some experience working with children and to develop skills such as: communication, teamwork and leadership. This society is not just for medical students and dentists as you do not need medical knowledge to run these stations and we provide scripts to give the volunteers an idea of what activities to do for each station.

Liverpool GPSoc

Image Credit: GPSoc

Liverpool GPSoc is one of the largest medical societies at the university. We are an enthusiastic and inclusive society, which welcomes all year groups. Throughout the year, we host a range of academic, social and lifestyle events. Past events have included clinical skills workshops, GP discussion forums, a social prescribing conference, GP Parkruns, Medical Sign Language courses, careers events and regular 5th Year teaching. Join us if you’d like to learn more about a career in general practice, improve your knowledge of primary care and participate in a range of enjoyable workshops and teaching sessions. We are yet to finalise any events for the upcoming year due to the current restrictions, but if you become a member you will be first to hear about them. Our aims our:

  • Enhance medical students perception of a career of general practice 
  • Educate medical students with teaching based around general practice  
  • Provide medical students with opportunities to improve their portfolios by engaging in a variety of extracurricular opportunities 

Liverpool Acute, Critical and Emergency Society (LACES)

Image Credit: LACES

We aim to bring together all aspects of Acute, Critical and Emergency Medicine by delivering regular teaching and career talks in a friendly and welcoming environment. We have plenty of exciting events lined up for you this year! Be it learning new emergency medicine skills, attending a career event, or learning how to assess someone critically unwell through A-E Assessment, we are sure you’ll find just the right LACES event for you! There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year to learn about career paths in ACE Medicine and the many opportunities available to improve your portfolios. Join us to experience the exciting part of medicine!


MedEd is one of the oldest medical societies in University of Liverpool. We aim to provide academic support to all medical students ranging from years 1-5 of medical school. We will conduct regular teaching sessions for each year focusing on main topics that are relevant for exams. Our content is directly in line with the medical school curriculum and we share a common goal of medical excellence. Alongside this MedEd will organise teaching session for both OSCES and LOCAS. You should be sure to sign up as MedEd aims to support all the academic needs of its members and ensure that each member benefits greatly from our resources.

Liverpool Ophthalmology Society

Ophthalmology is a truly unique specialty. Unfortunately, at Liverpool University we have minimal exposure to what it as a specialty has to offer. The Ophthalmology Society hopes to provide exposure, teaching and advice about ophthalmology as a subject and specialty. Semester One plans include:

  • National Ophthalmology OSCE Webinar: will be going over the ophthalmology examinations and interpretation of findings. This will be led by 2 doctors and will be delivered via Zoom.
  • Henshaw’s charity cycling fundraiser.
  • Fundraisers for St Paul’s Eye Centre.
  • Creating a book on Ophthalmology for medical school final exams.
  • National ophthalmology conference: 6th Feb 2021. Invite UK students to an ophthalmology conference organised at the Royal Liverpool Hospital Education Centre (provided COVID settles). Will provide insight into ophthalmology as a career and allow research to be presented.

For this exceedingly competitive specialty early interest is key. By joining this society and coming to the taster days and revision days, you will be showing your early interest.
For those less inclined towards becoming an Ophthalmologist, our revision sessions will simply explain all you will need to know as a member of any other specialty. Too often ophthalmology is a subject people put off revising and panic about before exams. Pop along to our finals revision sessions and have all those worried cleared up for good!

Systemic Disease and Oral Health Society

First of all, we want to welcome freshers to the University and also welcome back our returning students for another academic year! Our society will be hosting a range of events including talks and quizzes to unite the medical and dental schools. We will aim to show virtual talks from esteemed experts in the field of both Dentistry and Medicine to discuss pathology of systemic diseases presenting clinically in both respective professions. We also want to provide opportunities for both the medical and dental school students to collaborate on projects and fundraising events.

What better way than to kick of our inaugural year by hosting a talk on the very disease that got us isolating and hoarding toilet rolls in the first place? We are hoping to host a talk in regard to the impact of Covid-19 on systemic disease on both perspectives of oral and general health. We’re then looking to expand further, and host further talks throughout the year alongside some intuitive virtual socials and fundraising events for charities of respective systemic diseases. We created the society to diversify the medical societies at Liverpool, but also enable dental students from all years to contribute back to the university whilst developing their portfolio/CV. What is unique to SDOH soc is that we can unify both medical and dental fields and provide an opportunity for students to have a glimpse on the other respective profession.

Surgical Scousers Medical Society


Lectures that explore topics of surgical interest, anatomy and career development. We also participate, in conjunction with the LMSS, a Surgery for Finals revision day

Basic Surgical Skills Workshops: 

We hold 2 hour basic surgical skills workshops every 2 weeks. With a high student:teacher ratio of 2:1 we are the most popular surgical skills teaching at the University of Liverpool. Students are only taught by surgical trainees to ensure the most accurate skills taught to Royal College standards.

Advanced Surgical Skills Workshops: 

  • #Learn more advance suturing techniques, often on real animal tissue. As with the basic surgical skills workshops, there is a high student:teacher ratio of 2:1 and students are taught by surgical trainees.


National Undergraduate and Foundation Surgical Conference – surgical skills workshops and poster and oral presentation opportunities. Annual Women in Surgery Conference – insight, stories and advice on how to optimise work life balance and reach your career goals in the competitive world of surgery as a woman.

Mentoring Scheme: 

We are lucky enough to work in conjunction with the Mersey Core Surgical Mentoring Scheme (MCSMS). You will be linked with a surgical trainee with the same specialist interest as you to guide you through portfolio building and how to get ahead.


We aren’t all about academia! We are a tight nit community who offer advice and mentorship amongst our members. Surgical Scousers are about trying to lift each other up to do better and to enjoy our time at medical school, making the most of it the experience! Come along to any of our events to have a chat with us – we’d love for you to get involved!

Student Neonatal Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (SNOGS)

Image Credit: SNOGS

We are a medical society dedicated to teaching and raising awareness of Women’s health. We achieve this by running doctor-led teaching sessions throughout the year; our annual revision day; providing high yield resources and OSCE practice; fundraising for our chosen charities and going into local schools to teach essential Women’s health topics. As represented by our diverse committee, we are open to all year groups and there’s always some way of getting involved whether it be through volunteering on our reputable ‘SNOGS in Schools’ project or attending our successful annual charity conference. We have always received fantastic feedback from our members, charities, and the schools that we work with, highlighting our commitment to the specialty. We are not exclusive to medical students! If you have a passion for all things Women’s health or would just like to learn more, then make sure to sign up as a member to receive regular updates and member-exclusive content throughout the year. We look forward to meeting you!

Sharing Activity

The Photography Society

Image Credit: Photography Society

Our aims as a society are to teach, improve and develop the photography skills of members through photography events, whilst providing a space to share and discuss photos. Our plans for the semester include weekly Instagram photo competitions, a variety of insightful and fun online tutorials and calls, as well as small sized socially distanced photo walks, tutorials, and meetings. Pandemic pending, we would like to eventually get back into event photography and hosting larger gatherings and photoshoots! Students should join if they have any interest or in photos, landscapes, city scenes, are creative or even just want to take better pictures for Instagram! As long as you have a camera on your phone, you’re good to go!

The Game Developers Society

Image Credit: Game Developers Society

The Game Developers Society aims to bring together students of many different degree backgrounds to make games. This year we hope to host game development tutorials, talks from industry speakers, and game jams to test your skills in a fun environment. Most of our remote events will be held on our Discord server, which is also where you’ll get to meet other members, form groups for game projects, and get feedback on your work. We welcome programmers, artists, musicians, writers, and anyone else interested in game development, regardless of experience level! If this sounds good to you, consider joining our Discord server, where you can ask any question you might have before you join.

Liverpool Model United Nations

Image Credit: Model United Nations

Our Society is the Liverpool Model United Nations; a society where you can debate current affairs from the perspective of different countries! Whether you want to be Russia or North Korea, New Zealand or Brazil, or even the Holy See, you’ll be able to join in on amazing debates and simulate the UN! Throughout Semester One, we will be hosting debates as the World Health Organisation, the Security Council and more. We will also be hosting a historical, Halloween debate where you are encouraged to become an important figure from history for a debate! Other than amazing debates, MUN is a great way to socialise, improve your public speaking and research skills, keep up on current affairs, and make connections across the UK through our partnerships at other Universities. 

Scouts and Guides Society (LUSSAGO)

We are Liverpool’s branch of the Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO)! We welcome students from all Liverpool’s universities, and you don’t have to be a member of Guiding or Scouting to join. We meet weekly during term time to participate in a range of activities, with a range of traditional Scouting/Guiding activities as well as more generic social activities. Lots of our members support local Guiding and Scouting units (though this isn’t compulsory), and we also participate in national SSAGO events, where you’ll be able to meet other SSAGO clubs at other universities. 

If you’re hoping to complete any top awards (DofE, Queen’s Scout/Guide Award, Explorer Belt, etc, we can also help you do those! We can put you in touch with the necessary people in Merseyside and have members who have completed these awards that are happy to offer advice along the way!

Image Credit: LUSSAGO

Whilst ordinarily we’d be having weekly meetings in the Guild, this year we’ll be meeting weekly on Zoom – but that doesn’t mean that our meetings will be any less exciting! Just some of our planned sessions include a virtual Masterchef and Bakeoff, a Halloween party and a Scribbl evening. Our full plans for the semester can be found on our social media pages. LUSSAGO can offer its members so much! When you join our society, you don’t just join a university club, you join a national organisation that runs national and international trips and events, you sign up to the possibility of volunteering and giving back to the Merseyside community, you join a warm, welcoming group of like-minded people, and you’re guaranteed such a diverse semester programme that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else! We meet every Thursday at 8pm!

Film and Filmmakers Society

Image Credit: Film Society

We bring together all different kinds of people with a love for film, whether casual viewers or full-on nerds. We talk about and watch movies but also make some! If you’re a writer with ideas or just someone who wants to have a go using a camera, we can help you get going. We will host weekly or fortnightly screenings virtually, we will have teaching and idea sessions for film-makers, and hopefully get making some soon. You don’t need any particular skills or prior knowledge to join, you can be involved as much or as little as you like, and we are all very welcoming to newcomers.

UoL Racing Society

Image Credit: Racing Society

Welcome to the UoL Racing Society, the only society in the city where your need for some motorsport action can be satisfied. Whatever your preference is we can cater for it; we offer indoor karting for casual racers, outdoor karting in 80mph karts for the serious petrol heads, and even virtual racing on state of the art simulators if that’s what tickles your pickle. We welcome all experience levels and abilities so make sure you come down and give it a go.

Liv Yoga

Image Credit: Liv Yoga

Liv Yoga Set up just one year ago, the Yoga society welcomes everyone (whether experienced or not)! Over the past year, we’ve provided a range of different teachers, offering daily classes of various forms of Yoga. Yoga is extremely beneficial for the body and soul, alongside being a great stress reliever. This makes our society a productive way for students to reduce any stress brought about by academic life or even the current pandemic. We hope that things will be up and running by semester two, so we can continue providing our members with great classes. However, in light of the current restrictions, we will be conducting our society online as best as we can for now, with online classes and events.