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23rd June 2020

Final Years Food Farewell

With an abrupt end to many final years’ last year at university, we wanted to let our society graduates say goodbye food and drink style.

LGSM graduates have created a roundup of all the places we’ll miss and once called home during our time at university, but really, what we’ve been craving since we had to pack our bags and leave Liverpool.

So, here are our top picks, let’s hope this doesn’t make you too hungry!

Death Row Diner

by Syona Marok (LGSM Food and Drink Editor & History and Film Studies Student)

Image Credit – Syona Marok

As Food and Drink Editor, there have so many places I have been lucky to visit and have loved during my three years in Liverpool. Death Row Diner is definitely one of my favourites for its epic vibe, quirky food options and location from the university. You’re greeted by bright white walls and when you walk downstairs to the basement, you’ve discovered one of Liverpool’s hidden gems – an American style diner, where they even play era-appropriate films to really set the scene (think the Breakfast Club).

In terms of food, I still think about those mac and cheese and lasagne bites almost every day! If you’re a cheese-lover like myself they’re a must-have. Their burger options are also great as well as how allergy friendly they are. I can’t wait to come back in the future!

Address: 32 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BX

Instagram: @deathrowdiner

Website: Death Row Diner

Moose Coffee

by Emily Turton (LGSM Marketing Officer & Communication and Media Student)

Image Credit: Emily Turton

Choosing my favourite restaurant in Liverpool is such a difficult task – there are too many amazing places!! But if I had to, I would have to choose Moose Coffee as being my favourite brunch spot! The Canadian themed restaurant does the best Eggs Benedict, it’s so good!! Their pancakes are also a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth! As for my favourite place to have dinner, it has to be ‘What’s Cooking?’ I can’t visit here without having the ribs, they are incredible!! As it’s situated on the Docks, it’s also such a nice location to have dinner! I will definitely be coming here when I visit Liverpool in the future!!

Address: 6 Dale St, Liverpool L2 4TQ

Instagram: @moosecoffee

Website: Moose Coffee

Down the Hatch

by Beth Ure (LGSM Secretary & English Student)

Image Credit: Lucy Redmond

I really like Down the Hatch on Duke Street! It doesn’t look especially appealing from the outside (it’s in a basement), but worth it when you get inside. It’s all vegetarian/vegan, but also junk food so it’s mainly burgers and they’re all amazing! Very good as a vegetarian because it’s one of the very few places I can keep going back to and trying different things each time, which I didn’t realise I had been missing out on! I’ve taken non-veggie friends there as well and they’ve really enjoyed it too

Address: Basement, 62 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AA

Instagram: @downthehatchliv

Website: Down the Hatch

The Italian Club, Baltic Market & More!

by Hannah Percival (LGSM Publishing Chair & Communication and Business Studies Student)

Image Credit: Hannah Percival

One of the best things about moving to Liverpool for uni was the food! Coming from a small city in Devon, there weren’t many options apart from mainstream cafes/restaurants. I loved walking around Bold Street, Baltic Triangle, Lark Lane and the Docks to find some hidden food treasures in Liverpool! My favourites include The Italian Club – Bold Street (authentic vibes), Baltic Market – Baltic Triangle (lots of options), Leaf – Smithdown/Bold Street (I will always crave their hot chocolate!) and Almost Famous (the best burgers at such a reasonable price)!

The Italian Club:

Address: The Italian Club 128 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4JA

Website: The Italian Club

Baltic Market:

Address: Baltic Market, 107 Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5RE

Instagram: @balticmarket

Website: Baltic Market

The Tavern Co

by Kayleigh Jones (LGSM Opinion Editor & English Student)

Image Credit: Kayleigh Jones

My no.1 is definitely the Tavern on Smithdown. I’ll miss having breakfast with my housemates here ridiculously early just so we can get a table. Their American-style pancakes are incredible – they are fluffy and usually served as a huge stack covered in your favourite toppings. I also like the vibe of the place as they recreate a route-66 vibe diner with rustic registration plates, postcards and soft rock music. Also, the option for bottomless tea and coffee is epic!

Address: 619-625, Smithdown Rd, Liverpool L15 5AG

Website: The Tavern Co


by Alice Burns (LGSM Food and Drink Writer & English Literature Student)

Image Credit: Alice Burns

Wreckfish is part of the Elite Bistro family and is one of six restaurants currently operating in the Northwest owned by Gary Usher. It’s one of my favourite restaurants in town, and a great one to go with family who come to visit. They do an incredible Sunday lunch menu with two courses for £21 and are also open for breakfast during the week. Inside it’s small and intimate, channelling a relaxed bistro vibe with an open kitchen.

The flavours developed by the team are incredible, with a classical menu that showcases the best in seasonal produce and clever cooking. From pan-fried duck to roasted featherblade of beef; fillets of salmon and griddled artichoke: the menu is both familiar, yet fresh. Wreckfish is a must-visit for those wanting to try the best in high-quality modern cooking without the hefty price tag. We are lucky to have them in Liverpool, and when lockdown lifts, small businesses like these will need our support to stay afloat. So, if you’re looking for somewhere new to try post-lockdown, Wreckfish is top of my list!

Address: Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BS

Instagram: @wreckfish_bistro

Website: Wreckfish


by Olivia May (LGSM Arts and Culture Writer & English Literature with French Student)

I have Koop because of its chill vibe, good value food and really tasty. I always get the halloumi burger its an absolute classic and I get the teaser milkshake. It’s just a really nice, smaller restaurant where you can get lovely burgers, wraps and shakes and chicken. Special to me mostly cos I had my first date there with my boyfriend of 3 years.

Address: 74 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HR

Website: Koop

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Feature Image Credit: Pixabay