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18th May 2020

How to Support Restaurants and Bars When They Reopen

Covid-19 has undoubtedly hit the hospitality industry hard. Going out to eat and drink is a big part of British culture, whether it’s Friday night cocktails or Sunday roast in a country pub, we love it.

You may be thinking, well, is it not obvious how we can help? Of course, you can go for a meal and drinks as soon as the hospitality industry begins to reopen, fitting with the government’s guidelines. However, here at LGSM, we have compiled a list of even more ways to support your local restaurants and bars!

1. Gift Cards

A restaurant gift card is the perfect present for birthdays and Christmas. Gift cards can be purchased from the restaurants themselves and most major supermarkets. Why not let your lucky recipient have a choice from 1,600 eating and drinking experiences across the UK with the Dining Out Gift Card?

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Free food is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

2. Support Independent Restaurants and Bars

Independent places are less equipped to deal with the temporary closure than the well-funded big chains. Therefore, it is crucial that we give business to local independent restaurants and bars when they reopen. A simple google of the best independent places in your area will bring up endless choices for your first meal/drinks out!

I know for students eating out is a luxury and you may have had to scrimp on your next food shop after splurging on that burger and one…or seven cocktails. However, the Independent Liverpool app offers lots of discounts on coffee shops, restaurants, bars and pubs – all for just £2 a month.

Plus, the food tastes better when you’re getting a discount, it’s a fact!

3. Leave a Review

Did you visit a fantastic restaurant before lockdown and forgot to leave a review? Well, here’s your reminder! A quick review on Tripadvisor would be sure to have a positive impact on business.

4. Pub Quiz Night

Since lockdown, virtual pub quizzes have become a source of entertainment for many. When your local pub resumes their quiz night, be sure to gather your team and head down to support them. Who knows, with all the quizzing during lockdown you may even win this time!

5. Share on Social Media

Liking and commenting on your favourite restaurant/bar’s social media is a great way to boost their business. Give them a shout out by uploading a picture of your food and tagging them. Engaging with social media is something you can do both now and when the hospitality industry reopens to make a real difference!

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

In the Meantime…

Whilst you wait for your favourite Italian to open so you can eat your body weight in delicious pasta, there’s ways you can still be offering your support. Check out what restaurants are delivering in your local area for a Friday night treat! Keep engaging with posts on social media and buy gift cards for future use.

To find out the best food and drinks that Liverpool has to offer, and tasty recipes, check out some of our other articles!

Feature Image Credit: Unsplash