1st May 2020

Five Emerging Artists you may not have heard of – but really need to

Given the present Covid-19 situation and with bands unable to gig at the moment, streaming services such as Spotify are seeing a huge increase in users. Some recommendations of artists worth a listen, that I believe will break through when ‘normality’ returns.

Dream, Ivory

A relatively new band, from California – consisting of 2 brothers (Christian Baello – drums, guitar, synthesizer) and Louie Baello – bass, vocals). A personal favourite track of mine is ‘Sometimes I Wonder’ – a song that really captures their sound, a mix of bedroom-pop and shoegaze. Their washed-out vocals create an atmospheric feel, like many of their other songs.

Herrick & Hooley

Jazz/Hip-Hop band from Brooklyn. They have a sound that is unique, however in perhaps the same vein as artists such as Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator. ‘The Green Room’ is my recommended here, an easy listen.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Film School

This LA based band have actually been around for 17 years, with a shoegaze inspired sound (not too dissimilar to that of Slowdive and Ride). Their songs are largely driven by strong basslines, coupled with dreamy guitar melodies. Two songs that stand out particularly for me are ‘Crushin’ and ‘The Celebration’.

Molchat Doma

(Translated to houses are silent) originating from Russia and are at the heart of the post-punk scene currently, with some great tracks such as ‘Cyaho’. Currently a trio with Egor Shkutko (vocals), Roman Komogortsev (guitar, synths, and drum machine) and Pavel Kozlov (bass and synths).  Their sound is clearly inspired from bands such as Joy Division and The Cure, really worth a listen.

Image Source: Unsplash


They have 3 released EP’s after signing with Best Laid Plans Records. ‘Dust’ off the EP ‘Made Simple’ is a fan favourite, with a very strong bassline throughout and really catchy melodies. The South London outfit are definitely a band to keep your eye on…

Feature image credit: Unsplash