Arts & Culture

3rd April 2020

Liverpool in Limbo

Have you every wondered what Liverpool would look like with no people?

“A moment of silence in all this madness”

Cameron James

In a world where the coronavirus is all that we can talk about, Cameron James, a freelance theatre and filmmaker from St Helens, decided to capture our new city in a visual poem, showcasing the absence of Liverpool during this socially isolated time.

Liverpool in Limbo from Cameron James on Vimeo.

Cameron has recently been focussing a lot of his work in Liverpool, as he has been drawn in by the culture and art that people are creating here.

A moment to reflect…

Sit back and watch the video; what can you see, what can you hear, what is different or what has stayed the same?

Credits: Cameron James – Liverpool in Limbo on Vimeo.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Phil Kiel on Unsplash