24th March 2020

The Snuts ‘Mixtape EP’ Review

The Snuts are a Scottish four piece with an explosive sound and massive anthemic singles such as ‘All Your Friends’.

The band are currently on tour, supporting their latest release ‘Mixtape EP’; this should have incorporated an in-store performance and signing at the famous Jacaranda Records on Slater Street. However, due to the current concerns with COVID-19, all such signings could not take place. That said, the band are still planning to perform a handful of gigs nationwide.

Up until now the indie rock n roll band had only released singles, but after signing with Parlaphone Records in November last year; this amazing EP has been created.

The EP consists of 5 songs and 4 interludes, spaced out evenly; creating a kind of separation between the songs allowing the musical differences and nuances to be heard. The interludes are studio outtakes and give an informal feel to the overall atmosphere of the EP.

Each track on the EP showcases different elements of their influences – for example ‘Fatboy Slim’ has an almost ‘Madchester’ feel to it – created by the drumming style similar to that of the Stone Roses. The afore mentioned ’All Your Friends’ has an infectious bassline and real sing-along quality, one I am sure we will hear in the indie clubs of Liverpool before too long!

‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ and ‘Boardwalk’ display other sides to the band, showing further why they are such a highly rated up and coming artist. The EP closes with ‘Don’t Forget It (Punk) – Demo’, a strong finish and adding to the reason why this release has reached number 4 on the iTunes chart!

I highly recommend giving this release a listen and hope The Snuts make it back to Liverpool soon.