22nd March 2020

A Love Letter To The NHS

Opinion pieces are the view of the author and in no way reflects the view of the Liverpool Guild Student Media or Liverpool Guild of Students.

Dear NHS, 

Thank you. 

For the past 72 years, you have been our shoulder to cry on, our cold compress, and a friend in times of need. 

24/7, 999 or 111 you’ve been there through the good and the bad. 

Late at night or at the crack of dawn; car accidents, drunken escapades and now a global pandemic.

Through the financial turmoil, changing governments and threats of privatisation, you’ve always stood strong and proven them wrong. 

You’re more than just a service. 

You’re doctors, paramedics, nurses, drivers, cleaners, pharmacists and everything in-between. 

You’re on the frontlines each and every day, delivering babies, curing colds and saving lives. 

Dear NHS, thank you. 

Now more than ever you’re shining bright. 

Working around the clock to help those in need.

Scrubbing in when you should be clocking out, sacrificing precious moments, and risking your own life to save another. 

Your passion and dedication are – and always have been, above and beyond, and for that, we salute you. 

You’ve been like a mate, always there and beyond compare. 

So NHS, we thank you for all you have done and for all that’s to come.

Feature Image: Pexels